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GCSE PE Edexcel Section 1.2 Healthy Active Body Performance-enhancing and recreational drugs

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Brandon Fletcher

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of GCSE PE Edexcel Section 1.2 Healthy Active Body Performance-enhancing and recreational drugs

Performance-enhancing and Recreational Drugs Objectives? What is a drug? Think about what the word drug means to you.
How would you explain it to someone who had never heard the word before? Performance-enhancing Drugs Anabolic steriods Recreational Drugs Know about the different categories of drugs: performance-enhancing and recreational
Be able to explain the impact of performance-enhancing drugs on wellbeing and performance and why some performers might risk using them to enhance performance
Be able to explain the effects of smoking and alcohol on general health and phyiscal activity Now without speaking get up and move to another seat next to someone you have never worked with before and share your knowledge to create a better understanding. Now share your ideas with another pair by getting out of your seat and moving again. (I know! How much fun is this!) In your new pairs make a list of all the performance enhancing drugs you know Now do the same for recreational drugs Side effects:
All drugs have side effects. A major side effect can be they are addictive.
Most drugs have physical side effects, which can range from high blood pressure to insomnia
Beta Blockers drugs that mimic the male sex hormone testosterone and promote bone and muscle growth drugs that are used to control the heart rate and have a calming and relaxing effect. Diuretics drugs that elevate the rate of urine production Narcotics/analgesics drugs that can be used to reduce pain Stimulants drugs that have an effect on the central nervous system, such as increased mental and/or physical alertness Peptide hormones drugs that cause other hormones to be produced Homework:
Write a detailed description of each type of performance-enhancing drug.
Explain what type of performer may use each type to enhance their abilities and why.
Describe what the associated risks (side effects) are with using each type of performance-enhancing drug.
Explain what provisions are in place to combat the use of each performance enhancing drug.
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