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An Introduction To CampusM

Highlighting the key functions and benefits of our student mobile application CampusM

Pete Hyena

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of An Introduction To CampusM

An introduction to

Launched by UoS back in October 2009

Pioneered by UoS

Student Focused

Managed by CiCS
Brief history
What is campusM?
campusM is a mobile application with an integrated suite of University services, bringing every part of campus life to the mobile student.
Helping students achieve more
Enrich campus life
Gain a competitive edge
Continuously connected
Why do we use it?
Other adopters
The App extension kit (AEK) has allowed us as a University to start expanding our mobile potential through campusM.
New developments
Single Sign On
Housing Finder Screen
Intro Week Screen
Coming soon
Collaboration projects both internal and external are driving campusM forward.
By Peter Harrison
An impressive 99.6% of respondents owned a mobile phone of some description.

Of these 56% owned a smartphone featuring Internet access and email.
Student survey 2011
31 other UK Universities also use campusM
campusM Insight goes beyond website-based analytics to capture mobile-specific data such as button-press metrics, and the devices, operating systems and platforms in use across the institution.
Insight analytics
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