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Prsna Hirani-Shah

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of technology

Technology in the future.
Cars in the future.
People have been talking about cars that drive and park themselves. This car behind is an idea of what future cars may look like. I don't think they run on fuel but run on battery power. The cars have sensors so they can sense other cars around them and not have a car crash, these cars will also have parking sensors. The cars will recognize your voice so no one else can control it and if you get a cold and your voice changes you will still have the key.
Phones and tablets in the future.
By Prsna Hirani-Shah
There is lots of types of phones and tablets in the world. There is an android Samsung watch that can link up with an Samsung phone. You can take photos, call people and text them from the watch and it looks stylish and nice to wear. There is also Apple Iphones and tablets that you can talk to and now you can take the Ipad Air underwater.
Smart Homes
Smart homes are houses with a lot of technology. You could control the whole house using a tablet for example closing the windows when you are downstairs and the open windows are upstairs. There is a dance floor that can turn into a swimming pool and your bed would be in a cocoon shape and has a TV and you can have your game consoles in there to.
watch this video on future cars
Watch this video on smart homes
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