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Design Question 2

No description

Ariel Pechokas

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of Design Question 2

Design Question 2 - What will I do to help students effectively interact with new knowledge?
Element 6
Identifying Critical Content

Instructional Strategies That Help Identify Critical Content
Verbal Cues
Explicit Instructions
Dramatic Instruction
Advanced Organizers
Visual Cues
Story Telling
Prior Knowledge
Element 6 - Identifying Critical Content, sets the tone for the lesson. It is here that teachers carefully select the critical information to be taught and ensures it is at a high enough level to ensure rigor.
- failing to identify the critical content

- failing to communicate its importance

- failing to communicate the kind of action or response
Design Question #2
Protocol Video: Identifying Critical Information (Ninth Grade)
Common Mistakes
Monitoring for the Desired Result
identifying the critical information
explaining the difference
describing its importance
explaining its progression
Think - Pair - Share
1. What strategies do you use within your instruction?
Protocol Video: Identifying Critical Information (Kindergarten)
Protocol Video: Identifying Critical Information (Fifth Grade)
Learning Goal: The teacher will be able to implement teaching strategies to help students effectively identify critical content.
Monitoring for Desired Result
What is the desired effect of Design Question 2 Element 6?
1. Record what you see/hear the instructor asking his students.
How does the 9th Grade LA instructor monitor the extent to which his students attend to critical content?
Additional Resource Videos
Complete the 7 Element Feedback Form
Reflection Question: What challenges do you see in monitoring for the desired effect.
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