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Samuel Sheehan

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Sam Sheehan GROWTH SHARE MATRIX and PRODUCT/MARKET EXPANSION GRID PREDICTION I believe that Gatorade will continue to grow as long as sports remain a major part of people's lives. Sports and Gatorade go hand in hand, and since Gatorade was the first sports drink to enter the market, people's loyalty to it will continue with its existence. TARGET MARKET and PLACES TO FIND IT SWAT ANALYSIS and PEST ANALYSIS Started as a research project at the University of Florida in the 1960’s
The teams were looking for something more hydrating than water due to the harsh heat
No other beverage company has done more research in hydration and sports nutrition HISTORY OF GATORADE 1966 – Dr. Robert Cade and Mr. Dana shires create the drink
1967 – Florida Gators begin to drink it
They won the Orange Bowl for the first time that year
1968 – Sports Illustrated makes a headline about Gatorade
1969 – Kansas City Chiefs state that Gatorade helped them win the Super Bowl that year
1983 – Fruit Punch Gatorade debuts
2000’s – New flavors and type of drinks debut (different versions from the company) COMPETITION Gatorade has done the most research for hydration nutrition than any other company
It is one of the most used drinks for sports/athletes
MEANING – its one of the best/most used drinks in the league HOW DOES GATORADE RANK ATHLETES
ATHLETIC TYPE 27% of athletes drink Gatorade
12% of personal trainers drink Gatorade
Focusing more on male than females
Also focusing on high school athletes
G Series’ = 13 – 17 years old
G Series Pro’s = 16 – 24 years old
Gatorade is broadening the spectrum of what is considered a “sport” so that it can gain more consumers Gatorade expanded into:
Canada – 1984
Asia – 1987

Gatorade is available in over 80 different countries
There are 30 plus flavors available in the U.S
There are 50 plus flavors available outside of the U.S PLACES IT CAN BE FOUND INFORMATION ON TARGET MARKET $$CASH COW$$ Why is this item a cash cow???
Almost everyone knows what Gatorade is
Professional, Amateur, Collegiate, High School,
Middle School, even Pee-Wee sport teams use
Gatorade to stay hydrated during sporting events
They are still selling their original product PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Gatorade, the original flavor, still hasn’t entered into all of the markets around the world. Therefore, Gatorade is trying to expand into all of the markets this way athletic people around the world can buy their product SWOT PEST STRENGTH - First sports drink
WEAKNESS - Doesn't promote original
OPPORTUNITIES - Always new sports
THREATS - Many competitors POLITICAL - Lenient FDA rules
ECONOMICAL - Backed by social sporting
SOCIAL - Everyone uses Gatorade for
sporting events
TECHNOLOGICAL - Always coming up with
new Gatorade products
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