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Is it HARD to learn Chinese?

Story: how Chinese language was originated.

Carol Tsai

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Is it HARD to learn Chinese?

Did you get it?
Not THAT hard, is it?
Let's add some spices.
Let your imagination go wild.
Learn Chinese
let's enter the door!
This farmer raised a pig in his house.
There is a pig under the roof,
That's where I live!
It's too hard! I don't get it....
WAIT! Let's get to know it a little bit.
What? pictures?
Yes. Just like drawing pictures! And then created symbols.
symbols can tell us all different stuff.
Who was the artist?
His name was Cang Jie.
The most fascinating part about learning a foreign language
is learning its different culture!
After a long hot day working on the field,
this farmer is going home to rest.
Learn Chinese.
Chinese is old....
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