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Outliers Chapter 7

No description

Arash Pourmohammadian

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Outliers Chapter 7

Outliers Chapter 7
The Ethic Theory of Plane Crashes
In this chapter, Gladwell takes "Culture Legacy" to another level. That level deals with humans' lives. This is about how “Power Distance Index” (PDI) makes world-wide communications so easy to misunderstand.
Korean Air
On numerous occasions, PDI was the basis of so many airplane crashes. Cultural hierarchy is so important in Korea that even at time of danger persons stick to it.
According to David Greenberg of Emirates, he had Korean Air revamped with his strategy to teach the crew best way of communication that is suited for flying a plane.
Korean Air Aims for Safety
They adjusted the pilots' and crew's culture
They thought them English
They had them speak in American terms instead of "sugar-coated" sentences
Crash of Flight 801
In 1997, a plane took off from Kimpo to Guam. The pilot was well experienced. Tired and blinded by bad weather, the pilot crashed the plane into the hills killing 228 people on-board.
Korean Air Safety Failure Factors
Failure to educated clear communication essential for cockpit
Poor skill education for pilots
Long flight hours and stretched shifts resulted tiredness of pilots
Physical Factors
The pilot was too tired
Pilot is stressed due to fuel shortage
Bad weather
77 Minutes of more flight time
Headwind during landing but right before landing it stopped
PDI Factors
Respect to authority prevented first officers from communicating well with the pilot
Long pauses between sentences showed their hesitation to take necessary stance
Co-pilot used “mitigated speech” to communicate with ATC
Avianca flight 052
In case of Avianca 052 crash, it happened not because of technical difficulties or lack of flying skills, but due to “invariably errors of teamwork and communication.” Due to a high PDI difference between a Colombian air officer and an air traffic controller from New York.
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