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Rosa Parks launched the the start of the Montgomery Boycott.

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Dave McPherson

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Rosa Parks launched the the start of the Montgomery Boycott.

Rosa Parks By Miranda Wilson
Topic 1

Rosa Parks

Topic 2

Hometown Alabama
Topic 3
Rosa Parks launched the the start of the Montgomery Boycott.Which led to boycotts across the nation.
Topic 4
In 1917 her family moves away from Montgomery Alabama to Pine Vele Alabama. Down below is a quote from Rosa Parks about being fearful.
Topic 5
Rosa Parks attends high school in 1928 but then drops out because of her grandma becoming very ill and dies.
Topic 7
12 years before her famous stand
Rosa Parks bravely refuses to give up her seat and is ejected from racially segergated buses.
In 1932 Rosa Parks
marries Raymond P
Rosa Parks finally receives certificate for voting after 3 attempts .

Topic 8
All about ME
I am a 5th grader at St Jude.
My favorite food is pig
My favorite color is blue
I am a 11 years old
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