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Anatomy Of Construction Project

No description

Janna Mizan

on 13 August 2015

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Transcript of Anatomy Of Construction Project

Anatomy Of A Construction Project & Documents
Construction project consists of planning, designing, financing, contracts and building until a job is done.
-The plans will start with architectural drawings and elevations, which are followed by structural, mechanical and electrical drawings.
What is a construction Project?
Construction projects Completed
Building plans and drawings
What do construction documents consist of?
-Codes & Regulations
-Environmental Issues
-Construction drawings & Project manuals
Includes all building plans, specifications and supporting documents.
Iron triangle
Scope of the project is having enough information to start a project to meet a certain requirement. Also outlines the objectives of the project and the goals that need to be met to achieve a satisfactory result.
Resources that are needed to carry out the projects task. Such as people, equipment, facilities, funding, or anything that cost money.
Determines the estimated time required for planning and delivery of a project. Also determines the pricing of contracts and the profit in terms of commercial terms.
Contract Documents #1
First, the documents need to be translated to the owner or the developer into a buildable format so it could be understood in the construction industry.
Contract Documents #2
- The owner puts the project out for bid and to obtain permits from the local authorities to carry on with the construction project.
- The constructor must have all the resources available to construct the project.
Contract Documents # 4
The final set of an completed plan is referred
to as 100% construction documents
Construction documents
Building plans or
Specification manual
Specification manual
-Is a written project manual that covers materials and methods that should be used when constructing a project.
-Spec books include information which sometimes isn't found on the drawing.
Contract Documents #5
-Once the construction documents are completed and approved by the owner.
-The owner then submits the drawings to an interested contractor.
-The contractor estimates the estimated cost to complete the job.
- The lowest bidder is usually awarded the project.
Schematic Design
Simple drawings are created showing room sizes and relationships, single line diagrams of all the systems, elevation studies of building exterior, and special interior space.
Design Development
Colors, patterns, materials, lighting fixtures, special equipment and building elements are selected and reviewed with the owner and other stakeholders.
Construction Documents
The approved designs are developed into construction drawings and specifications that are used to secure the building permit.
Several contractors obtain the specifications and drawings, the lowest bidder that meets all requirements gets approved.
The designated building project will be constructed by the workers provided by the contractor.
Construction project phrases
A program of requirements is developed that has details of all objectives, spaces, services, equipment, special finishes, and furniture.
Building is built and given to the owner to utilize.
Code & Regulation
Incorporates building codes, specialty codes, zoning, and other regulatory requirements in construction documents and services.
Environmental Issues
Sustainable designs, adaptive reuse concepts, alternative energy systems, new material technologies, and hazardous material in construction documents.
Plumbing code
Mechanical code
Fuel Gas Code
Building Code
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