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The Wild Children

No description

Molly Starkman

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The Wild Children

The Wild Children
By:Felice Holman

The Wild Children
The Wild Children
Miska is Alex's number one companion, he is only about five years old.His eyes are baby blue and his voice is high and cheery. Miska soon becomes very sick and even worse its not just a little cold its a very high ill fever. Miska cradled beside Alex and... read the book to find out!
What is The Wild Children about?
Imagine,there's a civil war in Russia,your family has been taken away and you're all alone. Now its a battle against hunger and survival.You join a band, this band is like a family to you,the band helps you survive. Some people get left behind and some die. Soldiers are threatening you for no reason. You better behave now! This could be life changing, one wrong move and your life could be at risk or is it already?
This civil war takes place during world war 1 in Kovrov around 1920s. Russian policemen were taking families away and nobody knew where. There were soldiers taking kids away and jailing them sometimes because they looked tidy and rich.The soldiers were very rude and threatening to children, many times kids wouldn't even find there families.
Alex is a 12 year old boy who can’t find his family anywhere! He is very feeble but still strong. Alex likes to steal food for the band and likes to make a good impression in front of them. Alex starts to give up on the band but learns that if he stays with the band things have to happen, and accepts that there not always what you want to happen.
Katriana is Alex's teacher who has hope for Alex.She believes that he will find his family and live a life that never speaks of war. When Alex felt alone he would go to Katrianas house. After, he ran away from Katriana on a quest to find his uncle in Moscow. Alex will always remember her.
Peter is the leader of the band he is very strict about how he runs the band. Nobody is allowed to drink water unless its boiled, nobody is allowed to get involved with alcohol or they will join a different band he would say.Peter cares about every peer that joins the band and is willing to get them to a safe place even if he is left behind.
Nicholi is a very important character in this book,he takes the band on a boat and sends them to safety. Nicholai is also Katriana's brother! He pretends he's fishing so the soldiers wont disturb him. Nicholai is a hero for many children in the war. And When they reach land Alex finds his.....
The Wild Children is a powerful story about kids left homeless after the civil war. The wild children are not independent at all, they work as a team. The group Alex was in was a good one because they got tooken care of. Alex's group is one of the few that stayed together and survived. If the soldiers found you they would put you in a children's home which didn't always have food or need. Lots of kids would die in a children's home. People would get a disease,high fever or a very common disease Typhus.
There are kids scattered everywhere said Peter.I looked around he was right,kids covered with blankets of grass sleeping on hills. Kids are sleeping in cold bitter dark caves I can see their breath in the cold crisp air. Children little kids all alone, but not just any children, I called them ….. The Wild Children.
The Wild Children
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