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"dedicated to the memory of a great man"

No description

Alex Wilkinson

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of "dedicated to the memory of a great man"

"dedicated to the memory of a great man"
The Atrium:
"You awaken gradually, your head aches and your vision is blurred. As the world comes into focus you make an attempt to rise from your spot on the comfortable black sofa. This action evokes pangs of pain from your side. You clutch the spot and discover you are wounded, but the wound is bandaged. Looking up, your vision has cleared."
you are sitting on a soft leather sofa
it is located in the center of a modest room
the room is bright and well lit but has little in the way of decor
the walls are grey and the floor has the appearance of a ornate marble
the ceiling is open to the sky, and only when you strain your eyes do you notice that there is in-fact glass between you and the outside world
there are two chairs in the room in addition to the sofa.
beside one of the chairs, lying face-first on the floor is a figure
the figure is contorted in an unnatural way
the figure is lying in a large pool of blood
The Figure
dark hair
well dressed
wearing a traditional suit, tie, dress shoes (all a dark green)
some petty cash [15$]
a photo of a young girl
blonde, white dress, looks 10-12 years-old
Tele-Device [locked]
ID card [Government]
Ministry of Harmony
Director: grade 3
"Alfred Wiesmann"
The Player
injured [bandaged]
well dressed
light orange dress pants
dark grey dress shirt [ripped, stained with blood]
dark orange tie
dark grey dress shoes
Tele-device [locked, passcode is 3034]
some petty cash [25$]
a small notebook
contains doodles
a pen
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