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The Church - Introduction (Part 1)

No description

Clayton William

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of The Church - Introduction (Part 1)

The Church - Introduction (Part 1)
The bible does not recognize any one visible Church on earth as The Church.
The Church which is His body consists of regenerated souls, each one redeemed by the blood of Christ.
The Church has no visible head on earth but an unseen Head (Christ) in heaven.
Eph 5:25; Acts 15:14
Definition of the Church
Beginning with Pentecost and ending probably with rapture.
"Church" comes from the greek word "Ecclesia" meaning "to call out from".
Church can refer to a local group of believers (Philemon 2; Col 4:15)
The word Church can also mean the Church universal
Visible Church: earthly denominations, sects, good and bad.
Invisible Church: Rev 21:27
Distinctions between..
Local Church vs Universal Church
Local Church is any local congregation in a given location.
Church universal is a term that includes all Churches everywhere.
Church actual vs Church ideal
The actual Church includes those who are imperfect yet striving after perfection through Christ.
The ideal Church is made up of those who have already gone to heaven and are perfect now.
Christ is the head of the Church
Visible and invisible Church
Local Church and Universal Church
Church Actual and Church Ideal.
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