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Oreo's Journey Through The Human's Digestive System

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K'naujha Felton

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Oreo's Journey Through The Human's Digestive System

Oscer the Oreo's Journey Through Kimmy's Digestive System
The Stomach
At the end of the water slide ( esophagus ), there was an opening. It closed very quick but the smell made me want to barf. But I was a tough cookie and held it in. But this opening leads to the stomach. The stomach is where I was being grinneded into even smaller piece and mixed with liquids. This is called mechanical breakdown too. Then all of a sudden, I felt a burning sensation. It was acid eating me away. This is called chemical breakdown. Now I'm nothing but waste.
The Small Intestines
Now I'm in Kimmy's small tube. It's called the small intestines. This is where my nutrients is being absorbed and transported into the bloodstream by the liver. Until I'm a thick liquid called chyme. While I'm here, her liver is also making bile to send to gallbladder. Bile helps her body absorb my fats. The bile is going to her gallbladder so it could be held until needed. The pancreas makes enzymes that help digest fats, proteins, and carbs.
The Large Intestines
Now I'm in a bigger tube called the large intestines. At this point, the work of absorbing nutrients is almost done. But right now the water is being absorbed from me and the rest of the undigested food. That's causing me to form solid waste that can be excreted. Exits through the rectum.
Well this where my story ends. It was a foul and painful journey. But through this trip, I learned about the digestive system. I also learned that pretty girls have a gross side. But until next time. Adios everyone!
The Mouth
The Mouth..... Not a beautiful place for anything.
This is were I was drowned in a watery thing called saliva. After I was drowned, I was being chewed. This is called the mechanical breakdown. It wasn't pleasant after those incredibly strong teeth crunched on me until i was nothing but some little pieces of garbage. She even removed the flavor from me! Kimmy caused me to be nothing but soggy tiny pieces of nothing.
My Story
Hi, my name is Oscer the Oreo. Today you'll be hear about my painful trip through Kimmy's digestive system. It's was the foulest thing I had to go though. Now it's your turn to hear my story so shh and pay attention.
The Esophagus
Now , I think this is the best part. ( only because there is not a-lot of pain compared to the rest ). This is where I was force down to the stomach. It was mainly like a forceful water slide. I'm not saying that I enjoyed it but it was the least pain through out the whole journey.
This is Me ^.^

This is Where My Journey ends
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