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Node Sult

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of museum

The second museum:

The museum of Islamic Art
It is a museum located in Doha and it was opened to the general public on December 2008. it has a unique design. It was the first of its kind in Arab States of the Arabian Gulf, the museum surrounded by a park, and it was designed by architect who’s designed The Louvre Pyramid in Paris.
The Museum is open on Sunday and Monday and Wednesday from 10.30–5.30
Except Tuesday closed. And
open late on weekend
Floor Plans:
In the ground floor there are:

Library and education
Gift shop
special exhibitions gallery
This exhibition uncovers the history of board games in the Islamic world, from India to Spain between the 7th and the 20th century.

Board Games from India to Spain. it is held from 19 March - 21 June
Some of the collection in the King & Pawns exhibition
Chess from India,19th century
Kings & Pawns exhibition:
Chess broad
Chess pieces from Egypt, 10th Century
In the second floor:
It is for permanent exhibitions. It is divided into four sections:

Qur’an from Indonesia, 19th Century
The Figure in Art
Antiques from Iran, 16th Century
Museum of Islamic Art
Third Floor:
It is divided into five sections:
Early Islamic
Iran/Central Asia
The Pattern section:
Brocaded velvet from Iran, mid 17th century
The Science Section:
Scissor from Turkey, 19th Century
Some of The Collections In These Sections:
Ka’aba Textiles from Eygpt, 20th Century
Ottoman damascus dish from Turkey, 16th century
War mask from Iran, 15th century
Textiles from India, 18th century
Mosque lamp From Egypt or Syria, 13th century
The Fourth Floor:
There is a restaurant and the management office
The Museum offers activites such as :
Art workshop
Arbic fonts
and it is available to all ages.

The Park Bazaar:
It is a modern version of the old souq tradition.
And it’s held on the first Saturday of every month from October to May.
And you can buy handmade products such as jewellery, arts and clothing as well as souvenirs
Thank you for listening
Alanood Alaswad (200800252)
Muna Almarri (200800250)

Also there is
Moreover, It has a cinema
showing documentary films.
The first one:
The National Museum of Qatar
: It was opened in 1975. It was included a museum of the state, a lagoon and a very popular marine aquarium. It is currently closed for restoration and the new museum will be open in December 2014.
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