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How did New Deal Programs affect the Great Depression?

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Lindsey Hauch

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of How did New Deal Programs affect the Great Depression?

How did New Deal Programs affect the Great Depression?
Social Security Act
The Social Security Act was created in August, 1935, and is remarkably still around today. When Franklin D. Roosevelt enacted this during his Second New Deal, he became the first president to encourage federal aid to the elderly. The Social Security Act was created to provide money to the people in America who people saw as 'in danger'. These people include the elderly, unemployment, retirees, the disabled, and dependent children. This Act affected the Great Depression because it aided the numerous suffering Americans by providing them the money they desperately needed. The elderly, children, and disabled citizens were granted money by the government which lifted a huge load off their shoulders during the Great Depression. The Social Security Act has had and will continue to have a positive influence in America.
Lindsey Hauch
As you can see, Roosevelt's New Deal programs definitely affected the Great Depression. Without the help of the Social Security Act, Federal Housing Administration, National Youth Association, Civilian Conservation Corperation, and many more programs, America would not have gotten out of that awful time. These Programs gave numerous people jobs, much needed money, and assured reliability. Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal Programs were a great way to aid the suffering Americans.
Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
The Federal Housing Administration provides mortgages for families. It also provides mortgages for manufactured homes and hospitals. This administration is the largest government insurer in the world. When this started only 40% of americans used it. In the 1940s this New Deal provides home loans to the veterans. With this Americans can save money This effected us in the Great Depression because most people couldn't buy homes right away so this helped for example: if you couldn't pay it right away you can just pay it bit by bit until you pay it off.

Alexis Fergon
National Youth Administration
The NYA was established on June 36, 1935. This provided training for people between the ages sixteen and twenty five depending on their financial situation. It was operated between 1935 to 1943. They provided two programs for unemployed, and out of school youth and one for the educated youth to help them get jobs. The NYA helped over 4,5 million kids and young adults. This effected the great depression by giving young adults jobs.
Will Bareis
Civilian Conservation Cooperation
The Civilian Conservation Corps was a public work relief program that let unmarried 18-25 year old boys get some money and food. The CCC gave people work to fix and improve the National Parks and outdoors. The CCC also improved people’s physical condition and and mental state. The workers in the CCC ended up planting 3 billion trees to reforest America. They constructed 800 parks nationwide and fixed most of the state parks. They improved the way they fight forest fires and built public roads and buildings in remote areas.The Civilian Conservation Corps helped end the Great Depression by giving people jobs, money, and food.
Jonah Reardon

In the 1930s, the U.S stock market crashed, forcing many banks to close and causing unemployment to rise. This began the Great Depression. President Herbert Hoover did not want to contribute aid to the suffering Americans, he believed he should rely on neighbors and friends to help the ones in desperate need. So during the 1932 election, citizens needed someone who would actually help fix the depression. People elected Franklin D. Roosevelt. Roosevelt entered office and immediately started applying New Deal Programs to help the economy and jobless. New Deal Programs were programs and acts that supplied jobs, healthcare, and overall help to America. Here are a few examples.
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