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Kosher food

our pvr project for school

Hamish Klemp

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Kosher food

Kosher Food
is here
Jews can eat kosher foods
or animals that have split hoves.
What is kosher food?
Kosher food is the name given to the food that Jewish people are allowed to eat.
Almost like a jewish law.
How can you identify kosher animals?
Kosher animals can be reconised by two features. First, their hooves are completely parted at the bottom to form two horny pads
First, their hooves are completely parted at the bottom to form two horny pads. Second they chew cud.
Some kosher animals include:
But Jews may only eat animals that have been killed by shechitah. Shechitah is a cut across the throat with a razor-sharp knife.
Causing pain to any living creature is stricly forbidden in jewish law. Shechitah has been shown to be a humane way of killing animals.
Done by;
Lewis Weston
Alex Kidd
Jessy Barbuzza
Tim Rule
Hamish Klemp
Hudson delves
Jews also can't eat insects, even though most people wouldn't anyway, it is a sin.
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