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Stress Management

No description

Erin Fogarty

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Stress Management

Exercises Stress Management Techniques Progressive muscle relaxation Stress Management Techniques J
L Stress Management Techniques Chat with a friend Stress Management Techniques Take time for your self Stress Management Techniques Exercise does a body AND mind Good Stress Management Techniques Catch some good Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Stress Management Techniques Learn to say… Stress Management Techniques Prioritize and Manage Time Wisely Stress Management Techniques
What techniques do YOU currently use to manage YOUR stress? Managing STRESS Anything that causes stress Stressors What Causes Stress? Short Term - Stress associated with a problem that suddenly demands to be solved. If it continues, it may become chronic.

Long Term - Stress associated with long term problems. Usually damaging to one’s health! TYPE OF STRESS
Extra energy Positive and Negative Effects of Stress Positive Stress: Encourages growth

Negative Stress: Can paralyze you and prevent growth TYPES OF STRESS
Learning to Cope
With the Everyday
Demands Stress Management Like your Mom always said, “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” Stress Management Techniques Can you change stress?

Can you change how you perceive stress? Is there always going to be stress? The reaction of the body and mind to meet everyday
challenges and demands.

Is stress a natural part of life? What is Stress? People Places Things Eustress Distress Positive Negative Loss of sleep
Poor performance
Lowered immune system Acute Chronic Absolutely! ALCOHOL The funny thing about using to relieve stress is... D
'T W
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