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Welcome Back 2016

No description

Amy Swanson

on 6 September 2017

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Transcript of Welcome Back 2016

Welcome Back to School!
Mrs. Swanson

Room 512

Welcome to Homeroom!
Introduction- Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Goutter
Schedules -- Any Questions?
Extended time today...
Even lockers
Odd lockers
clean up carefully
be completely cleaned up by 7:55
In your planners, find your birthday. Write your locker number and locker combination on this day.
Put your name, in pen, on the inside cover of your planner.
Do Nows
Article of the Week
Distributed Monday; collected Friday
A very rigorous assignment-- guaranteed to improve your skills!
Credit for accuracy and for annotation
Don't worry... we will do the first few together
Every day
Thematically related by the week
Due on Friday
Will be graded using a "check" system
Grading Criteria:
quote copied correctly and neatly
author's name included; correctly spelled
one of the three acceptable responses included in a complete sentence

Greek and Latin Roots
Every week
Receive the list on Monday
Study every day in class
Quiz on Friday
An efficient system!
Music Video Friday

On Friday, we will practice and sharpen our analytical skills by examining the lyrics and then the visuals that represent a song
I will do the first few weeks, then assign them to you!
Videos must be pre-approved and appropriate
Independent Reading

Research shows that the best possible way to improve many of the skills we work on in Reading and Language Arts is simply to READ. Therefore, we will do some independent reading during class-- at least once a week.
You must ALWAYS bring an Independent Reading Book (IRB) to class.
I will expect your book to be:
One you are actually reading and show progress in
One that is appropriate for your reading level
There will be "quizzes" on which you can earn 100% just for having your IRB in class!
I have a library, but you need my permission to borrow a book and you must read it consistently, not just for that day.
2" Binder
5 dividers
lined paper
sticky notes
Independent Reading Book
Homework and Absences

Homework posted on board and on website.
copy homework into planner. Always have your planner with you
When you are absent, there will be work for you on the "While You Were Out" board.
It is 100% your responsibility to come and see me, outside of our regularly scheduled class time, to discuss the missed work.
Discipline Plan: Rules

1. Have all materials ready and be at your seat when the bell rings
2. Respect the people, equipment and furnishings in the room through both WORDS and ACTIONS
3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
4. Follow directions the
time they are given
5. Observe ALL rules in the student handbook as well as any routines or procedures established in this class.


The Code of Conduct
is expected to be followed in this room. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of rule #5.
Discipline Plan: Consequences
The rules, consequences and rewards will be posted at the back of the room along with a list of your names. If you choose to break any rule, you may receive a sticky note under your name.
1 sticky note- warning
2 sticky notes- see me after class
3 sticky notes-parent contact
4 sticky notes-
written reflection with parent signature
5 sticky notes- action plan involving parents, teacher, and administration
Discipline Plan: Rewards
Praise (daily)
Positive Notes Home (random)
Class Free Time (weekly)
<5 sticky notes in a week = 5 minutes free time on Friday
<2 sticky notes in a week = 10 minutes free time on Friday
No homework week-- fewer than 20 notes in 8 weeks, as a whole class
Various other surprise rewards!
I assume you are all wonderful and will not need this system to keep you on track. But, it's always better to have an established plan!
Tests/Projects/Essays (40%): novel and story tests, major projects, lit analysis, res sim, creative writing, OEQs

Classwork (20%): In class assignments such as journals, constructed response, anticipation guides, poetry, WOD stories, vocabulary activities, grammar practice, group work discussion, Achieve 3000

Quizzes (30%): Grammar quizzes, WOD quizzes,

Homework (10%): almost exclusively AOWs

Achieve 3000
We will be using this program weekly to read non-fiction articles and respond to them. This program will measure your reading level and grow with you as you become a better reader throughout the year.
Welcome to Reading and Language Arts 8
with Mrs. Swanson
Please respond in at least one sentence to each of the four quotes you see in front of you.

Place a star next to the quote you agree with the most.

Place an "x" next to the quote you agree with the least.
A little about me...
Let's talk about how things will be run in this class...
Entering the room
End of class
when I need yours... 3,2,1!
when you need mine... 5, 2 or 1...
Movement in the classroom
Early finishers
Cell phones
Class website...
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