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Hippies and Tree Huggers of the 60s

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Hannah Walsh

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Hippies and Tree Huggers of the 60s

Of The 1960s Tree Huggers and Hippies By: Hannah Walsh This is not the definition of a Tree Hugger... A Tree Hugger is an environmentalist In 1965, the term "Tree Hugger" went into effect, but only in the begininng meaning it in a positive way, an environmentalist. The term "Tree Hugger" started being used in a derogatory way in 1973 Hippies! There are actually two spellings of the word Hippie: Hippie and Hippy The Hippie movement started in 1965 and is still going on today, just not as large of Hippie communities as in the 1960s and 1970s The "normal" Hippie appearance:
*long hair (a "dead head")
*casual clothes
*beaded jewelery
*rimless circular glasses
*psychedelic colors (bright)
*males grew beards The Hippies of the 60s believed in owning property as a group, so most Hippies lived in community homes. A lot of Hippies took on Vegetarian diets and would not eat processed foods The Hippie virtues:
* tolerance These Hippies are putting flowers on police guns to spread the message of peace and love among the people Music was a big part of the Hippie culture. They mostly listened to folk and rock styles The generation that changed the way we think about our opinions The most popular artists were:
*Bob Dylan
*Joan Baez
*The Beatles
*The Grateful Dead
*Jefferson Airplane
*The Rolling Stones The Broadway show 'Hair' celebrated the Hippie lifestyle The Hippie movement was partly an opposition to our involvement in the Vietnam War Ideas Hippies were against:
*materialism (wanting more and thinking it will make you better than another person)
*"normal" jobs
*modern society anxieties Hippies liked to make reasons for protests and large gatherings mostly so they could have fun and get high (mostly with marijuana and LSD), saying it was "expanding their consciousness." One of the most popular of these gatherings was called "Woodstock" in 1969 Woodstock was a three-day music festival located in rural New York that had over 400,000 young people attend
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