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Daily Life Minus

No description

Grace Gongwer

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Daily Life Minus

Can you believe that Romans had food processors 2000 years ago?
Daily Life
Roman Daily Life
Shelby Thatcher, Aidan Hatcher, Amanda Kreiger, and Grace Gongwer.
A Prezi By:
Grace Gongwer, Shelby Thatcher, Amanda Kreiger, and Aidan Hatcher
The ASAG Films
What was life like for a Roman Family?
Boys were taught to be married at 12 and girls were taught to be married at 14!
Fun Games To Play!
hobby horses
Did you know?
Roman children wrote with a metal tipped pen called a stylus on a wooden framed, wax board.
Roman Food And Drinks
Did you know?...
The Romans ate three times a day.
They ate a variety of food that includes WINE, SWAN
Men wore standard tunic's usually
Grace Gongwer, Shelby Thatcher, Amanda Kreiger, and Aidan Hatcher.
Rich men wore toga's to show there wealth
The girls wore tunics with a cloak
The boys also wore tunics like there fathers
Most children went to primary school at the age of seven
Most girls left school at the age of thirteen
Most boys left school at the age of sixteen
Archeologists and anthropologists found bones In the Roman Empire that matched some of these animals.
How Do I Play?
To play knucklebones you have to have 5 knucklebones in hand. Dump them on the ground. Take one away without disturbing the others. Throw this one up, pick up the other four, and catch the first one. This is simply jacks!
When do you start? When do you leave?
Roman food and drinks
Did you know that?....

Many Romans ate with their hands.
Washing was very difficult because there was no soap powder or washing machines
Wealthy Romans would have there slaves wash them by hand.
Many people who cooked used olive oil and spices.
We hope that you learned something about Roman Daily Life!
Only some children had education
Both boys and girls went to school
Archeologists and anthropologists found bones in Rome that were matched to these animals.
Romans wore jewelery like us today
necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings
Can you believe that Romans had food prossesers 2000 years ago!
If a father didn't accept a newborn baby into the family then he would leave it on a rubbish dump! The husband was legally entitled to kill his wife if she was unfaithful!
~Oh MY!~
Roman School
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