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shir ezra

on 9 April 2013

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Georgia State Statistics: State parks: Stone mountain: State bird: The state population of Georgia is : 9,685,744 The population per square mile is: 169.5 The largest city is: Atlanta The capital is also: Atlanta A.H. Stephens Historic Park: state emblems: State flower: State flag: State animals: Green Tree Frog
(Amphibian) Right Whale Tiger Swallowtail
(Butterfly) Climate: Fun Facts : Motto: Wisdom, justice, and moderation Song : Georgia on My Mind Saint Marys, Georgia is the second oldest city in the nation. Georgia was named for King George II of England Georgia is the nations number one producer of peanuts, pecans, and peaches Famous People: Alice Walker Ray Steven Joanne Woodward State tree: There are a lot of fun and cool stuff to do in Georgia hiking zip lining and much more The Coca-Cola Factory is located in Atlanta, GA !!!! Brown Thrasher The Cherokee Rose Live Oak Ga state flag Their state food is peaches: The area of Georgia is :59,425 sq miles 2 Funny facts : Georgia leads the nation in the production of paper, board and processed chicken Georgia leads the largest producer of peanuts in the U.S. and have about 2 times the amount as the ones after them The End Hope you enjoyed :P "The Peach State" (Mammal)
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