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Untitled Prezi

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yashu vijay

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Accident Investigations

The text messaging may have played a part in their tragic deaths.
The cause of the crash remained under investigation.
Tests had ruled out alcohol as a factor and while toxicology tests had not been completed, the police did not suspect drug use was involved.

Accident Injuries

He lay in a sprawl on the wet road, his arms and legs in contorted positions.
He was pinned under the fallen tree and mangled piece of metal which used to be the bonnet of his car.
His face was pale and smeared with blood.
His ankles had been violently rotated to the side.
The victim was pronounced dead on the spot.
Blood spattered all over his shirt and trousers.

After an accident

The car ended up crushed and charred.
I winced as I saw the piece of twisted metal.
An overhanging tree was scorched and blackened debris littered the road.
The paramedics carried the victim onto a stretcher and the ambulance sped off.
As the traffic slowed down, the other motorist cast curious glances at the wreckage.
After the patrol cars had left, what remained on the road were puddles of blood and shards of broken glass.

Actions during an accident

He jammed on the brakes but it was too late.
He was flung into the monsoon drain while his motorcycle, by than a wreck, slid and slammed against the metal railings.
The motorcycle was swept sideways abruptly, hurtling towards a lamp-post.
The car screeched to a halt.
The car skidded to a stop, almost facing the way it had come.
The car veered violently to the left, slammed into a tree and stopped dead.
The car slammed head-on into a truck.
The car, which had just passed another car, swerved back into oncoming traffic, hit a bus and burst into flames.
The car and the bus crashed into a roadside fence and caught fire, shooting flames at least 5m into the air.
He was flung against the cars’ bonnet and with a dull thud, he landed on the road, unconscious.
The car skidded for a few meters before crashing onto the railing of the canal.
with a screech, the errant driver took off.

Cause of accidents

As he blinked continuously to keep his eyes open, he swerved from lane to lane unknowingly.
The car zigzagged down to the street.
Without taking a second look, he dashed right into the busy traffic, sending cars honking loudly and angrily.
The red Toyota was cruising in the drizzle at a speed of 120 km/h.
He was driving above the speed limit at night on a winding, two-lane highway.
The car was traveling at about 100km/h on the 80 km/hr road when it crashed shortly after 11 pm.
He had been trying to pass a van that was going at a very slow speed.


‘swish-swish sounds
whizzed past
swerved from lane to lane
weaving in and out of the traffic
disapproval was written all over his face
winced at the appalling sight
sparks flew
in the nick of time
pandemonium broke out
deafening crash
smiled ruefully
mangled messes of metal
shards of glass were strewn all over
clambering down
in an attempt to rescue
clinging desperately
sprang into action
nodded gravely
in a somber mood
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