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Project: Alaska and Hawaiji

Aino, Nea and Emilia

emilia moritz

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Project: Alaska and Hawaiji

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are possible because Alaska has many mountains. Alaska´s western and south-western coasts are at the seam of North American plate and Pacific plate, so tsunamis are also possible in this area.
Most of the volcanoes of Alaska are at the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
Alaskan biggest volcanoes are called Mount Pavlof, Novarupta, Mount Redoubt and Semisopochnoi. They all are located on the Alaskan subcontinent. Some of the volcanoes, like Mount Pavlof, are very active. It has discharged about six times from 1980 to 2000. New eruptions could be harmful for the flight routes which pass the subcontinent.
Flora and Fauna
Cities in Alaska
There is 143 cities in Alaska. Most of the cities there is only about 100 people. The capital is Juneau (about 31 000 people). It has been the capital of Alaska since 1906 and it`s been named after the gold prospector Joe Juneau. The Mendenhall Glacier is one of the most impressive in the area. It is a giant mass of ice that measures between 300 and 1800 feet deep. It`s 19km long. Juneau is located in that part of the world that is known for its glacial beauty. The biggest city is Anchorage (about 29 000 people). It`s known from the proximity to the great outdoors.All the cities in Alaska have unique activities, cultures and attractions.
There are many volcanoes on Hawaii islands. The islands of Hawaii were born from the volcanic eruptions which occurred when the plate where Hawaii was situated moved over a hot point. The magma which bubbled out from the seam of the two plates formed Hawaii and its islands. In many years, the islands moved towards the middle of the plate, so the islands got smaller and most of the volcanoes passed out.The biggest volcanoes in Hawaii are Haleakala on Maui, Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa and Kilauea on Hawaii.
Although Hawaii is near to the middle of the Pacific plate, there have been tsunamis some time ago. Sometimes, there are tornadoes and very rare fire tornadoes.
Natural disasters,
volcanoes ...
20 S, 155 W( the biggest island of
The center of Alaska
64 N, 150 W
Travel to Alaska!

The nature of Alaska is gorgeous with all those snowy topped mountains and green valleys. For a traveler, this is a perfect opportunity to take journey to the sea and see huge whales and smaller sea lions. Just the large glaciers are unbelievable. Alaska offers a chance to experience the nature and wild life like no other place. You haven't seen anything like these rugged hills and forests.
Many people make a trip to Alaska every year and do fishing and tours to the wild nature. Though Alaska is situated quite North, it isn't always -20 degrees outside. The weather is rather like in Finland because most of Alaska are in the mild zone. You will be enchanted of its beauty! Actually the nature and friendly dwellers are the reasons why people like to visit Alaska. If you want an adventure travel to Alaska!
Alaska`s flag
Hawaii`s flag
Volcanic activity of many centuries made Hawaii`s topography and therefore its flora and fauna been subject to rabid change.
As man began to inhabit the islands, they bring plants ant animals to Hawaii from them own countries, which began to take up space from original plants and animals.
Most of Hawaii`s plant species are endangered, threatened, or extinct.

Also because of Volcanic activity islands soil is very fertile.

Seclusion of Hawaii made species of its own.
In Hawaii there`s even 1400 plant species what you can`t see anywhere else in the whole world.

Also islands birdlife is unique. For example there are about 28 Tanager (they are small Passerines) species. Hawaii`s national bird is Nene, which also known as Hawaiian Goose. Nenes are vulnerable and the bird population is about few hundred birds.


The largest island of Alaska is Kodiak island. It`s Alaskas biggest fishing port and famous for catches of king crab and salmon. The Kodiak bear is native to the island. Prince of Wales is the second largest island of Alaska and the fourth largest island in the USA. There you can see whales,mountains and magnificent forests. The third largest island is called Chichagof island. It has the highest population of bears per square mail than any place on earth. Alaska has about 2670 named islands.
White beaches, palm trees and blazing sun... Could there be anything better than a warm vacation in Hawaii. The turquoise sea nearly calls swimmers and surfers to dive in!
In Hawaii you can actually watch volcanoes when they discharge in the "Hawaii volcanoes"- national park where you can go by car.
When you arrive to the Honolulu airport, friendly hula dancers hand you a lei which is made of beautiful flowers.
Enjoy the colorful nature, various flowers and animals and the local culture.
Tourism is actually the most important industry in the Hawaiian economy in addition to farming.

There are many sights in Alaska which are quite impressive,like the highest mountain in United states and in North America, Mount McKinley(6194m). And then Glacier Bay which is a beautiful place.People say that "Visiting Glacier Bay is like returning to Ice Age" There are massive glaciers,high mountains,big forests and crystal clear water.There you can see black and brown bears,wolves and whales.It`s like a different world. The Chilkoot trail is a 53km. long trail through the Coast Mountains. It leads from Dyea,Alaska to Bennet,British Columbia in Canada.The Chilkoot trail was a major access route from the coast to Yukon goldfields in the late 1890s.
In somewhere between November and April Humpback whales are going to coast of Hawaii and Maui to play and reproduce.

Only mammals, which naturally lives in Hawaii is some bats species and Hawaiian monk seal.



Alaska has more than 12000 rivers and thousands more creeks and streams.The longest river is Yukon river which is 3187km long.It empties into the Bering sea. It was one of the principal means of transportation during the 1896-1903 Klondike Gold Rush.

Three highest mountains in Alaska are Mount McKinley=Denali
,South Peak
and Churchill Peak
.There are 14 mountain ranges in Alaska. Because not every mountain has a name so it`s impossible to say how many mountains is in Alaska.

Hawaii consist of 122 islands. Hawaii has eight "main islands": Hawaii also called "The Big Island",Maui,Kahoolawe,Lanai, Molokai,Oahu,Kauai and Niihau. Islands are volcanic and edged with coral reefs. Hawaii`s island(The Big Island) is geologically the youngest and two times bigger than all the other islands together.Oahu,where the capital Honolulu and military base Pearl Harbor are located.Maui is popular resort.Kahoolawe is uninhabited because of military reasons.Niihau is in a private ownership so externals are not allowed to go there.
Trip to Hawaii
Few things about Alaskan history

Hawaii volcanoes National park is massive park where is the world`s most active volcanoes,like Kilauea.There you can experience the heartbeat of a volcanic landscape.Visiting Pearl Harbor is near the top of most Hawaii to-do lists.There you can see where The World War2 began and ended.You`ll explore the USS Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri Battleship.The opportunity to pay respects to the fallen sailors and brave heroes of December 7th,1941,while feeling first hand the emotions of the Pearl Harbor attacks is something that all visitors should experience.
During the Ice age, there was a neck of land which linked Alaska to Eurasia. By this neck of land some of the Asian groups moved to North America. These were the forefathers of the Indians and Inuits of North and South Americas.
In the 18th century, Russian ruler Peter the Great sent Vitus Bering and two ships to the North America. Actually, Vitus Bering and the other sailors found Alaska when they came to North America. Peter the Great added Alaska as a part of Russia. For a hundred years, Alaska was used as a commerce place . The commerce wasn't very profitable, so Alaska was sold to USA. Later, Alaska became one of the states of USA. In the 1898, gold was found in Alaska. At that time, started the gold rush and many thousands of people moved to Alaska to search gold. That was very viable for the USA economy. Nowadays, many minerals are still being mined in Alaska.

Three largest cities in Hawaii are 1.Honolulu (374 658 people) which is the capital of Hawaii and also the biggest city.Honolulu is located to the Oahu island.It`s known for the Pearl Harbor attacks and the world`s best surfing at sunset beach,including surf tournaments like the pipeline series.
2.Hilo(40 759) is a coastal town on Hawaii island.It`s known for its locally-made ice cream.It`s some of the best on earth.
3.Kailua(36 513) is important center of tourism.Kailua Beach is internationally known for it`s fine white sand,pristine aqua waters and natural beauty.
Hawaiis history, shortly...
Before Hawaii was linked to the USA, it was divided into many tribe groups which the king Kamehameha
the first combined to one big kingdom
of Hawaii. In the 1778 James Cook found Hawaii and its islands. As a result, some of the population died to the new diseases.
When Hawaii was found, many people from USA moved to Hawaii to start farming. That meant that the impact of USA grew even more. In the 1840 Hawaii declared a monarchy and independence but USA was still a big player in Hawaii.
Because of the new trade agreement, more and more white people moved in and at the end there were more whites than the original population.
In the beginning, the USA wasn't avid to link Hawaii to be part of USA. However, when William McKinley became the president, he made Hawaii the territory of USA.
In The World War II Hawaii served as the naval base of USA. In the 1959 Hawaii became the 50th state of USA as a result of a vote.
Culture and Religion
About 710 000 people live in Alaska.
The Area of Alaska is 1 718 000 square
kilometers. The most important industry of Alaska is mining. Gold, coal and zinc are mined from the quarries. There are also huge oil and natural gas
deposits in Alaska . Fishing, forest products and tourism are important sources of income too.
There is no official language in Alaska, but the general language is English because most of the population of Alaska are British, Irish and German.
Most of the Alaskan people are Christians.
Hawaii`s indigenous peoples culture represents the best Hula. Hula contains sung stories (chant) what Hula-dance enlivens. Every song tells unique story, which contains oral traditions of Hawaiian religion, values, history, legends, patriotism and the love between people.

Hawaiian religion had many deities and it`s also based on a belief that spirits are found in animals, the waves, the sky, volcanoes etc.
Religion was part of everyday life.

Religion played and important part of healing treatments. Before patient was treated the kahuna performed a ritual of mental cleansing.

Farming had also religious aspects.
The major gods as well as demigods and goddesses were associated with various phases of agriculture.

Growing, cooking and harvesting was the work of men. Women were forbidden from handling food because of believe that women were unclean.
Summary of Alaska
The area of Hawaii is 28 300 square kilometers.
The population of Hawaii is about 1 300 000. In the population of Hawaii is mixed from different people such as Japanese, German, Chinese and British. However, the main language of Hawaii is English. Hawaiian is the second official language, but few people speak it anymore. Hawaii has many religions.
In Hawaii, the most important sources of income are tourism, farming and being the military base.
Summary of Hawaii
In 2000, the largest Church is the Catholic Church.
The Latter-day Saints are the second largest and then comes other major groups include the United Church of Christ and the Southern Baptist Convention.
In 2000, the Jewish population was at about 7,000.
There are also 73 Buddhist, 1 Muslim, and 8 Hindu congregations reported without specific membership numbers.
About 63.8% of the population were not counted as members of any religious organization.
Nene, Hawaii`s national bird
Humpback whale
Nature in Alaska
There are 16 national park, comprising more than 54 million acres. This 2/3 of the land in the entire National Park System.
Alaska has 3 million lakes, over 3 000 rivers and 76 km of coastline.
There are many high mountains in Alaska. The highest mountain is Mt. McKinley, which top is 6 194 m.

Over 2/3 of the Alaskan soil is covered with permafrost. Alaska´s the northern part is covered by tundra and there`s growing forest in the south.

Some of the most common species in Alaska are moose, caribous, brown bears, black bears, wolves, musk oxen, mountain goats and black-tailed deers.
Mt. McKinley is the highest top of North-America (6 194 m)









Thank you!
Made by: Nea Samuli, Aino Suomi and Emilia Moritz
Diamond Head
Diamond Head is the name of a volcanic tuff cone near of Honolulu.
It`s United States State Monument.
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