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on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of THE GOVERMENT OF TANZANIA Finn, and Maico

Who is the Leader and What is his Background?
Jakaya Kilwe has been president for 5 years. He loves sports and has 9 kids. He is the 4th president of Tanzania.
The executive is the president of the United Republic, and is chief and commander of the armed forces. The judiciary is the Tanzanian legal system based on common laws. The judiciary in Tanzania has 3 organs: the Court of Appeal of the United Republic, the High Courts of Mainland, the Judicial service Commission. The Legislative are the ones who makes the laws.
Does the Government Involve Religion?
The government does not involve religion and those types of governments are called, secularism.
How are the Leaders Chosen?
The leaders are chosen by the people who vote.
Who Works With the Leader?
The chiefs of the state and cabinet members of foreign governments work with the leader.
What are the Different Parts and Positions of Government and What do They do?
How are Laws Made?
The legislative branch of Tanzania makes the laws.
Are There Different Political Groups?
The 4 different political groups in Tanzania are: the Development Democracy party, the Revolutionary party, the Democratic party, and the Labor party.
By: Finn, and Maico
Ms. Natalie
5th Grade

What is the Type of Government?
The type of government of Tanzania is republic. Republic means that everybody gets an opinion, and there are different parts of government.
Does the Government Protect People's Rights?
Freedom of expression: The Newspaper Act and Penal Code are used to take away the freedom of journalist.

People are not allowed to protest.
Violence against girls.
They have death penalty.

Over all answer: No, at least not these rights: freedom of expression, freedom of thought, no torture, We’re Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty.
Our Opinions About the Tanzanian Government

The government of Tanzania has pros and cons. A pro of Tanzania is that they vote for the president. Our evidence is that Jakaya Kilwe was elected by voting. In our opinion the government does not respect other people's life's because according to www.amnesty.org, there was violence against girls and they still have death penalty. So our opinion is that this government could do a better job at protecting human rights.

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