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Scene 2

No description

Jason Flanagan

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Scene 2

Scene 2
The movie "Kill Bill" tells the story of a woman known as The Bride who is out for blood. She will stop at nothing to get her revenge.
Based on the evidence in III.ii, which of these characters is most similar to The Bride in the film "Kill Bill?"
a) Brutus
b) The Citizens
c) Antony
d) Octavius
Pay attention to how Brutus and Antony work their audience. You are about to experience some of the most famous lines in literary history.
What word would the playwright most likely use to describe Brutus?

What phrase best describes Antony?

What is the most challenging problem faced by Antony as he speaks to the crowd?

Which word best describes Antony’s attitude toward the crowd?
Which of these best describes the mood changes of the citizens during this scene?

a) From frightened to angry.
b) From concerned to accepting.
c) From grateful to vengeful.
d) From angry to frightened.
HSA Review
What METHODS OF PERSUASION did Brutus use when speaking to the crowd?
appeal to logical reason
appeal to credibility
appeal to emotion
What METHODS OF PERSUASION did Antony use when speaking to the crowd?
Warm up
Write a paragraph response explaining whether or not you feel Caesar deserved to die. Include details and examples from the text to support your paragraph.
What is the gist of the speech?
How does the speaker try to persuade the crowd?
What are the reactions of the mob?
Which of these statements best explains the effect of repeating the phrase "honorable man" throughout Antony's speech?
A. It shows how Antony genuinely believes Brutus is a noble person.
B. Antony doesn't directly bad-mouth the conspirators, but he makes light of Brutus' nobility.
C. People begin to question the honor of Antony.
D. The mob now doubts the nobility of Caesar and Brutus.
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