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Isabela Imamura

on 23 October 2014

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Did you know that food supply in Ancient China was very different than other parts in the world. Some of the major fragments of food supply are agriculture, irrigation and drinks, and livestock.
First of all, agriculture is the most important subject in food Supply all over the world, but everyone farms differently, especially Ancient China. China was very popular for the rich soil floods brought from the Yellow River for farming.
In Northern China, it is very hard for farmers to plant crops because it is too cold and dry. Instead, they gathered millet and sorghum. They boiled millet into a type of porridge to eat and for drinking tea. They also used the wheat to make wheat noodles.
Northern China
In Southern China, they ate mostly rice. To get some fat, they crushed soybeans to make soybean oil. poor people hardly ever ate or grew rice, millet grass, wheat, barly, and hemp for clothing.
Southern China
All of China
All of China also grew fruits and vegetables such as bamboo shoots, leeks, radishes, plums, oranges, and peaches. They also used seasonings such as salt, soy sauce, sugar, ginger, and garlic.
Irrigation and drinks
Irrigation systems were almost equally important to agriculture. Irrigation systems helped with farming a lot! It helped with storing, channeling, and draining water in the western Zhou Dynasty.
They built canals such as the Bai Canal and six other canals. Teas' in ancient China were very popular. Sometimes the people of China made wine with the rice they grew on the farms.
Finally, live stock in Ancient China was important, but people could have still lived without livestock.
The two major animals the chinese raised were mostly silkworms and pigs to make clothing and to eat some fat. Other animals they ate were sheep, cattle, and even dogs!
If people were vegetarians, then they would eat fish and vegetable dumplings. If the chinese didn't have meat of fish to eat, they could still survive anyways because fruits, vegetables, and rice were their primary foods to eat.
Without food supplies, the chinese couldn't have done anything because they could have not survived at all. A stable food supply is the most important technique that the chinese had because nothing else mattered if they didn't have food or water.
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