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EU Back to School, Ardscoil Ris, Dublin, Ireland - 12 September 2015

Presentation of my journey from studying at Ardscoil Ris, Marino, Dublin to working for the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg

fearghas obeara

on 15 September 2015

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Transcript of EU Back to School, Ardscoil Ris, Dublin, Ireland - 12 September 2015

Fearghas Ó Béara
Ardscoil Ris
to the

The European Union - How many people?
How many official languages?
EU symbols



How many MEPs for Ireland?
European Commission - How many members?
Jean-Claude Juncker, from Luxembourg

Who is Commission President?
Phil Hogan
European Commissiner for Agriculture

Who is Ireland’s Commissioner?
Council - Irish Presidency
January – June 2013
European Union House, Dublin
Model Council debate - March 2014
Blue Star Programme
School visits to EU House
EU Quiz
How many countries?
European Parliament - Brussels
European Parliament Session - September 2015
President of the European Commission?

A - Jean-Claude van Damme
B - Jean-Claude Juncker
C - Jean-Paul Gaultier
When did Ireland Join the EU (EEC)?

A - 1953
B - 1973
C - 1993
What country joined the EU on 1 July 2013?

A - Serbia
B - Croatia
C - Montenegro
What is the motto of the EU?

A - Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
B - United in Diversity
C - You'll never walk alone
What is the Erasmus programme about?

A - Studying in another EU country
B - Learning to cook Dutch food
C - Working in another EU country
Which football club is based in the EU?

A - Ajax
B - Galatasaray
C - Partizan Belgrade
Go raibh maith agaibh
Thank you
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