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Hamlet Movie vs. Play

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harveen sran

on 25 July 2017

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Transcript of Hamlet Movie vs. Play

Hamlet Movie vs. Play
By: Harveen SRan
secondly, the movie flawlessly displays the setting of the play with accurate visuals of the era, and specific settings of scene 2.
Time period
To begin with, the similarities between the characters in the movie and play in Act five scene 2 show that Shakespeare's intentions were accurately displayed in the movie.
In conclusion the 1990 reinterpretation movie of Hamlet correctly displays William Shakespeare's intentions of showing cause and consequence of revenge. Specifically depicted in act 5 scene 2 of both play and movie with the similarities between the way the characters are portrayed in the text and how they are portrayed in the movie, the similarities between the settings and era of act 5 scene 2, and lastly the theme of revenge and justice displayed in both play and movie.
The tragedy of Hamlet was first written in between 1599-1601 in the format of a Play by William Shakespeare, since then, throughout the years, it has been reinterpreted in many forms. The 1990 reinterpretation of Hamlet accurately displays William Shakespear's intentions of showing cause and consequence of revenge and justice. This is depicted evidently in act 5 scene 2 of both play and movie through the comparison between the characters, setting and similarity between plot.
In both movie and Play...
-In the play the way Hamlet accepts the challenge to fence Hamlet is portrayed as a brave charter which is also visible through the character in the movie
-Hamlet in the play is shown as very close to his mother and is very upset with her remarrying his uncle, so when the queen dies he takes revenge by forcing the king to drink the poison in the cup in both movie and play Hamlet says "Here, thou incestuous, murderous, damnèd Dane,Drink off this potion. Is thy union here? Follow my mother." (5.2.320-322) In the movie the character portrays this line by showing anger towards his uncle through his expressions
-Hamlet also displays that he is humble and believes in justice in the play by saying "Free me so far in your most generous thoughts
That I have shot mine arrow o'er the house
And hurt my brother." (5.2. 228-230) Hamlet truly feels sorry for Ophelia's death as it may have been due to Hamlets behavior. In the movie Hamlet says the same line accurately displaying the line in the play
- in the play it shows that hamlet does not drink but gets hit by the sword with poison which is what also happens in the movie when Hamlet dies at the end

-in both movie and play Gertrude is portrayed as a mature queen, as well as someone that stands for what they believe in
-"I will, my lord. I pray you, pardon me." (5.2. 283) she drinks from the cup with the pearl causing her death despite being told not to showing that she stands her ground in both the way the play was written and the way the character portrayed it in the movie
-"No, no, the drink, the drink!—O my dear Hamlet!
The drink, the drink!" (5. 2. 305-306) before she dies she tells hamlet that she was poisoned from the drink knowing that Hamlet would get revenge. In both the play and movie the character portray a frantic and scared feeling in the play with exclamation point and in the movie with expressions.

In both play and movie...
In both play and movie...
-Claudius is portrayed as a brave character who is
determined to kill Hamlet
- In both the movie and play Claudius puts up the act of liking Hamlet as his own son, "The king shall drink to Hamlet’s better breath,
And in the cup an union shall he throw
Richer than that which four successive kings
In Denmark’s crown have worn" (5. 2. 258-261)
- in both Claudius drinks from the cup first and then drops the pearl pretending that he is doing it for Hamlets winning
-Claudius then tries to offer hamlet the drink hoping to kill him with the poison "Hamlet, this pearl is thine.
Here’s to thy health." (5. 2. 274-275)
-after realizing Gertrude took a drink from the cup he stays quiet while she dies showing that he only cares about himself and when she faints he lies, "She swoons to see them bleed." about her fainting at the site of blood so that no one suspects him (5.2.304)
-at the end in both movie and pay Claudius dies by being forced to drink the poison falling into his own trap in the play through the text its shown that he is afraid of dying and realizing that he has fallen in his own trap, in the movie the charcter correctly displays this by looking scared and on the verge of tears
overall the characters in the movie use the correct expressions to display the feeling of the characters in the play. The characters in the movie also emphasize the feeling of the play by using most of thee lines directly from the written play. By doing this the characters accurately display the theme of revenge and justice by either believing in them such as the way Gertrude told Hamlet about the poisoned drink or taking revenge themselves such as Hamlet.
Even though the movie was released many centuries after the play was written, the movie reflects the era that it was created in. In the play Hamlet is set in the middle ages, around
the 14th or 15th century, in the movie this is
accurately shown through the appearances of old castles
with minimal technology. The play was also set in Denmark, a place with a lot of open land similar to the united kingdom, where the movie was filmed.
Open land
minimal technology
Open brick castle
run down street
Setting of Act 5 Scene 2
In the play the second scene is described to take place
in a fencing area where the match takes place
the text gives the reader an image of a place thats surrounded by people watching and has swords and fencing equipment around. With the king and queen watching.
The movie shows this with thrones for the king and queen
and an area for fencing with many people watching.

Play: CLAUDIUS enters with GERTRUDE, LAERTES, OSRIC, lords, and other attendants with trumpets, drums, fencing swords, a table, and pitchers of wine.

-people gathered and watching
-fencing equipment
-throne for king and queen
guards standing around
The theme throughout the play and movie is to show revenge and justice, and act 5 shows Shakespeare's intention of showing the consequence, cause, and complications of seeking revenge and justice. In the play and movie Hamlet seeks revenge for his fathers death which all comes to an end in Act 5 scene, when Hamlet finally seeks revenge for his father when Claudis dies and Hamlets father receives justice. The consequences of this revenge are displayed through the fact that with Claudius Hamlet also had to give his own life. In addition to giving his own life Hamlet also had to lose his love Ophelia and his mother as a consequence of Hamlet seeking revenge and justice for his father.
Hamlet's Revenge
In the play Hamlet says,"Does it not, think thee, stand me now upon—He that hath killed my king and whored my mother, Popped in between th' election and my hopes...And is ’t not to be damned To let this canker of our nature come in further evil" displaying that he still wants revenge in the last act and scene which is part of the theme revenge and justice (5.2.68-76). In the movie Hamlet also says that he wants revenge in the last act and scene. This goes to show that both the movie and play displayed the theme of revenge. In the play it was shown through text such as this line, and in the movie it was shown through Hamlet's intentions after Ophelia's funeral.
Cause and Consequence of Revenge
Secondly, the theme of revenge is also displayed
through shakespeare's intention of showing the
consequence of revenge. In the play Hamlet says, "O, I die, Horatio.
The potent poison quite o'ercrows my spirit"(5.2.352-353.
This shows that even though Hamlet was succesful in getting his revenge on Claudius he had to give up his on life as a consequence. The movie also shows the consequence of revenge as Hamlet also dies at the end of the movie.

In summary the setting described in the play
is accurately represented and recreated in the movie
helping to emphasize Shakespeare's intentions
in act 5 scene 2. Especially the area in which the fencing
match took place, and the representation of the era.
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