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Chapter: "Sally" on House on Mango Street

No description

Joanna Mileva

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of Chapter: "Sally" on House on Mango Street

Chapter: "Sally" on House on Mango Street
Joanna Mileva

Important Points about Sally
Sally is beautiful
Her father said that it's trouble for a young girl to dress like she does
She cares about appearances
Tries to attract boys
Changes when at school
Important Points about Esperanza
Esperanza wished to be beautiful like Sally at first
Esperanza wanted to dress like Sally
Then she realized that Sally is actually really lonely
Pivotal Moment
Esperanza realized that beauty isn't everything
She realized that appearances can be deceiving
She realized it's important to have best friends
At the end of the chapter, she said that all Sally wanted was to be loved

Summary of this Chapter
Esperanza was jealous of Sally
Sally was a beautiful girl
Sally attracted a lot of boys
Sally was actually really lonely
Sally acts differently around her parents
Sally just wants to be loved
Important Paragraphs
"Sally is the girl with eyes like Egypt and nylons the color of smoke. The boys at school think she's beautiful because her hair is shiny black like Raven's feathers and when she laughs, she flicks her hair back like a satin shawl over her shoulder's and laughs. Her father says to be this beautiful is trouble. They are very strict in his religion." (81)
"...you don't have a best friend to lean against the school yard fence with, to laugh behind your hands at what the boys say." (82)
"And why do you always have to go straight home after school? You become a different Sally." (82)
Figurative Language
"Sally is the girl with eyes like Egypt..." (81) Simile
"Sally, who taught you to paint your eyes like Cleopatra?" (81) Simile
"...she flicks her hair black like a satin shawl..." (81) Simile
...her hair is shiny black like raven feathers..."(81) Simile
Universal Themes
Beauty: Sally is very beautiful and all the guys are attracted to her.
Escape: Sally puts on makeup and wears a short skirt to attract attention. It's away for her to escape reality, which is that she is actually lonely.
Acceptance: Esperanza has to accept herself for who she is. Even though she doesn't think that she is very beautiful, she learns that beauty isn't everything.

How does this Chapter Relate to Other Chapters?
This chapter relates to "The Family of Little Feet"
Journal Prompt
Have you ever been jealous of someone? Why?
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