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Symbolism in The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket

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Emily Broas

on 17 November 2015

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Transcript of Symbolism in The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket

Symbolism in The Grasshopper and the Bell Cricket
Yasunari Kawabata

The bell Cricket in Japanese culture
The lanterns in the story
The lanterns in the story represented the individuality of each of the children. Each child put the work in to making their lanterns special to display their personalities. One child bought his lantern in the store but later discarded it due to the fact it was not special
Kimono/ Kiyoko
In the story Kiyoko is seen wearing a white kimono. The color white symbolizes innocence. The name Kiyoko literally translates to Pure child. Kiyoko's Character displays the innocence of the children.
Kiyoko and the bell cricket
In the story Kiyoko was seen as a bell cricket. Fujio saw Kiyoko as unique and worthy of love. she is special to him.
Bell Cricket And Grasshopper
In order to understand Kawabata's meaning in the story, it is important to understand certain aspects of Japanese culture.
In japan the bell cricket is loved. Each male bell cricket makes it's own unique song. The song is made by the cricket's wings and body vibrations. There is a temple located in Japan that is named after the bell cricket. For centuries citizens have traveled to the temple to meditate to the sound out the crickets. It is believed that the sound the crickets make collectively is the voice of Buddha.
The bell cricket represented a woman who is rare, special, and worthy of love. The grasshopper represented all of the others. The narrator implied a grasshopper may seem like a bell cricket. Which means That someone who is just average in the eyes of many will be special and amazing to someone else.
THank you!!
The Narrator's Feelings
The narrator is overcome with emotion when he observes the light of the lantern on the children. He sees this as a beautiful moment, The moment is also seen as sad. In Japanese culture beauty is also linked with sadness.
The lanterns on the children's kimonos
The light from the lantern shines on one another. The light is the name of each other. Fujio and Kiyoko are unaware of this moment. The light foreshadows their future together. In that moment they belonged to each other .
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