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Jasper Rubin

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Ungifted

Ungifted - By Gordon Korman
Rising Action
When the district administrator caught him, Donovan had no hope of escape, until his name was mixed up with a kid who was being sent to the gifted school.
Donovan didn't fit in at the gifted school, but the other kids liked him. Then, one day, the district administrator saw Donovan in a YouTube video of the gifted school's robot, and recognized who he was.
Donovan's friends and sister see that he is upset, and sneak him out of class one day so he can watch his old friends at the gifted school compete in a robotics competition. Then, when another team tries to break their robot, Donovan steps in and attacks the other robot with their own. They are disqualified, but his team feels better.
Falling Action
Donovan was sent back to the old school, and punished for denting the gym floor, breaking the doors, and destroying the statue.
Favourite Passage
My favourite passage in this novel is:
Intended Audience
This novel is intended for people ages 10 to 14, who like realistic books, or books that take place in schools. It is also a very funny book. I really liked this book, and would definitely recommend it to others.
Submitted To Ms. Dillon

Submitted By Jasper Rubin

Due May 27, 2014

Everyone always thought Donovan Curtis was a troublemaker, but really his problem was that he did things without thinking, such as knocking the globe off of a giant statue of Atlas, that crashed through the gym doors in the middle of a basketball game.
Thanks for watching!
Most of the conflict in this book is an interpersonal conflict between Donovan and the school district superintendent. It is shown in this quote from the superintendent: "'Well Donovan Curtis, I don't have to tell you that you're in big trouble right now. You're lucky that no one was hurt or even killed by that stunt of yours. Why would you do such a thing?'" to which Donovan responded, "'It was an accident.'"
"I want a refund from ancestry.com. They traced my family all the way back to the American Revolution. And in all those forefathers and foremothers, aunts, uncles, and cousins, there was nobody like me. No bigmouth hung for treason; no 'classe clowne' who they stuck in the stocks and threw rotten vegetables at. The closest match was a guy in the civil war who jumped off a battlement, whatever that is. And he only did it because the Union Army was firing on Fort Sumter."
This is my favourite passage because it is funny, and it also shows that Donovan does some silly things, if jumping off of a battlement is the closest thing anyone else has done in his family, compared to the things he does.
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