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Stepping into the River: A Technical Communications Journey

Portfolio - Spring 2013 - Master of Arts capstone - Rhetoric & Professional Communication - New Mexico State University

Mark Kitanga

on 14 September 2013

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Transcript of Stepping into the River: A Technical Communications Journey

Master's Portfolio for Mark K. Kitanga Stepping into the River: A Technical Communications Journey Welcome to the River! At River's End Life is like a river. It has a source and an end. It has a past that affects its present. It starts small, gaining substance from its bed and tributaries. It reacts and adapts to the forces around it. It meanders and rapids; widens and narrows; floods and dries; deepens and shallows.
Above all else, it moves forward... Utilizing visual, aural, and spatial modes of communication Multimodal projects Applying coursework experience and collaborative skills to real-world solutions Client-based projects Master of Arts in
Rhetoric and Professional Communication These pieces focus on... Composition Audio Documentary
Fall 2010 Read Human-Computer Interaction Portfolio Interface
Spring 2013 Exploring contemporary issues in technical communication
via traditional RPC disciplines Academic projects These pieces focus on... Critical Studies Scholarly Critique
Fall 2010 Professional
Communication Genre Analysis
Spring 2011 Research Qualitative Research Proposal
Spring 2012 Software Documentation Co-op Report
Summer 2011 Rhetoric Rhetorical Analysis
Fall 2012 The Article Feel free to zoom
in for a read The Critique Source: New Mexico State University Environmental Health & Safety Q: How do students respond to a campus emergency? Are social networking sites destroying student web design skills? ¡Bienvenidos,
digital deliverable! Aristotle's impact on design lived on through Steve Jobs. Start at the tip of the left arrow, stop at the tip of the right arrow Steve Jobs,
circa 1985 #lascrucesfarmersandcraftsmarket
#itsdifferenthere Listen What's the river, you ask? The river is a metaphor that represents my grad school career. Can you visualize it? GRAD SCHOOL 3 Goals! 1. Improve writing skills
2. Enhance technical skills
3. Obtain job skills But how? First, allow me to
introduce this portfolio. Usability Pedagogical Assignment
Spring 2012 Teaching students how to measure usability Technical
Communication Technical Report
Spring 2011 Micro-hydro power is cheap, renewable, and effective * * = so what are we waiting for? Not everyone is... http://practicalaction.org/microhydro Our less than successful attempt,
at the NMSU Hydraulics Lab The perfect storm emerges, unleashes a tsunami of opportunities MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED. 1. Analyze and comprehend technical information quickly.
2. Synthesize and communicate technical information with an emphasis on ease of use, usefulness, and accessibility. I now have the ability to: An interactive stroll through
my graduate school career purposeful These pieces focus on... ¡Adios, print manual! Thanks to advances in technology, technical support documents are finally living up to their namesake. A very special thank you
to my graduate committee: Dr. Jennifer Sheppard
Dr. Patricia Wojahn
To navigate each page of this document, use the cursor to pan over to the following page. When you get to the end of the row, advance to the next slide* to move on to the next row of pages.

You can navigate all of the other documents that I have written for this portfolio in the same manner. Follow the extra directions in this first document to see how it works, then do the same for all other documents. Advance to the next slide to see to the next row of pages Scroll Scroll Scroll Advance to the next slide to see to the next row of pages Let's go! Class of 2013 * Whenever you pan with the cursor, you have to click or press
the arrow TWICE to advance to the next slide. Happy Prezi-ing! Technical
Communications Don't forget to mute the Prezi. The button is in the lower left corner. Don't forget to mute the Prezi. The button is in the lower left corner. Don't forget to mute the Prezi. The button is in the lower left corner. New Mexico State University | Spring 2013
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