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Paris Fashion

No description

Sarah Frederickson

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Paris Fashion

Paris Fashion
Created by:
Madison Stewart
Sarah Frederickson
Grace Frederickson
The Basics- Men
The Basics- Women
Trench coats, jeans, tuxedo pants, blouses, cardigans
Black, grey, white, army green, cream
High heels
Teen Fashion
Boyfriend jeans
Black leather
Black basics with subtle prints
Matching printed pieces
Suits, button downs, pea coats, khaki pants
Hats, scarves, ties, bow ties
Teen Fashion Continued
Shorts with tights
Similar to U.S.
Men's wear (button downs, caps)
Men Continued
Black, grey, white, dark blue
Wool, velvet, polyester, cotton, blended fabrics
High Fashion
From Men to Women
Boyfriend jeans
Army style
Avante garde
Paris Fashion Week
V-neck pullovers
Men's khakis
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