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doris lessing

No description

jin xing

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of doris lessing

by Chloe Xing
and Florian Reszel Doris Lessing Biography Born in Persia (now Iran) on October 22, 2012

Both of her parents were British

In 1925, the family moved to the British colony in Africa, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe)

Dropped off from high school at the age of , which was the end of her formal education. Childhood She made herself into a self-educated intellectual
recent quote "Unhappy childhoods seem to produce fiction writers."
described her own childhood as some pleasure and much pain
absorbed her father's bitter memories of World War I, that later reflects in her works. Youth First marriage left home with 15, took a job as a nursemaid.
during this time she started writing
She was also writing stories and sold 2 to a South African magazine In 1937 she moved to Salisbury, where she worked as a telephone operator for 1 year.
With 19 she married Frank Wisdom
They had 2 children Second marriage She later left Salisbury and her family
Joined a communist-reading Club and married a central member: Gottfried Lessing ( from Germany)
They had 1 son Beginning of her career During post-war years Doris Lessing digressed from the idea of Communism finally left the movement in 1954
previously moved to London with young son (1949)
Same year she also published her first novel: "The Grass Is Singing", which was the beginning of her career as a professional writer. further works She wrote:
novels: "The Golden Notebook" (1962)
poems: Fourteen Poems (1959)
short stories
autobiography ‘Oh Cherry Trees You are Too White For My Heart’ While reading:
Is there any metaphor or symbol(s) in this poem? If yes, what are they? Doris Lessing and feminism writes on a wide variety of themes including Rhodesia, women, communism, and global catastrophe.
her work is principally concerned with the lives of women—their psychology, sexuality, politics, work, relationship to men and to their children, and their change of vision as they age. Nobel Prize winner in 2007 Quotes from the Swedish Academy's Award Ceremony Speech:
"Doris Lessing is part of both the history of literature and living literature. She has contributed to changing the way we see the world. In all probability, no other Laureates has accumulated such a volume of work. "

"Dear Doris Lessing, age is no issue in literature. You are forever young and wise, old and rebellious. You are the least ingratiating of novelists." Do you want to learn more about Doris Lessing? The Grass Is Singing: "The Golden Notebook" Fiction novel
Story takes place in Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) during 1940's
Was a british colony
Deals with the racial politics between blacks and whites The Golden Notebook is the story of writer Anna Wulf.
She keeps the record of her life in the black, red, yellow, and blue notebooks.
She also attempts to tie them all together in a fifth, gold-colored notebook. http://www.dorislessing.org/
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