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LTE RAdio Network Planning and Optimization

No description

Mohammed Shahin

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of LTE RAdio Network Planning and Optimization

Project Overview
Supervised By : Dr/ Michaels Nassef
Project Title
LTE Radio Network Planning and Optimization

Project objectives :

Why LTE ?
Project Description
We start the construction of the network from zero !!!!
planning & optimization relationship

Project Tools :

Radio Network Design and Optimization Software.
Microwave Radio Link Design and Planning Software.
Firstly, we decided to perform our project at the new capital city ,
But we stumbled to get the maps of that area .

Finally, we could get the maps of :
(New City of Sohage) Also,
( New akhmim )

New Sohage
Project Schedule
Team Members
- Ahmed Kadry
- Mohammed Salah
- Moustafa El Safty
- Mahmoud Saad
- Mohammed Shahin
- Moustafa Mosaad Hamza
- Mohammed El Bakery
- Mona Mosaad Hamza

Thank You :)
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