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No description

ben carey

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Editing

This is Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe premiere pro is a piece of digital software where I, the editor, can edit my film. By opening the saved captured footage we would then import it into the software system ready to be edited. Because my film was jump and had numerous quick cuts editing would be the most arduous and time consuming processes when making our film. By using the cut tool I was able to cut the film just like editors would do in the cutting rooms before computers. However one of the main advantages of using the computer is when I cut the footage i could select it to the exact point needed to be cut too. Using the cut tool meant that I could edit parts of my footage with precision. Throughout my film there is an occurring wobble effect which I put on when editing. I did this by cutting 2 frames of footage and then rearranging them in the order so it makes a jumpy effect. The bigger the jump would depend on the size of the cut. And sometimes to play to the music I would even remove some of these parts. Effects in Permier Pro I would replicate this process whenever I want to add this effect. All other parts of the editing followed the same principle and were simple to use. I would:
Select good from bad
Cut to size and length of clip
Place in particular orders to give aesthetic look
Developing Not only did I cut, arrange (To make a story line and to the music) edited the footage I also added effects which add to our edgy, druggy effect. I added these effect using premier pro and the effects box on the side of the screen. I experimented with colour changing effects, looking from RBC colour grading to Tints. These effect would laterally be for a few second each but they would give the film a professional look.
I would add these effects such as “ghosting” by simply dragging and dropping it over the footage. However if I wanted to edit within the effect I would have to play/ experiment around with the setting of each ones to get the effect I wanted. Sometimes this look a long time because of the various shots and cut I had.
Another part of the effects editing is to make the timing of the effect suit the footage and storyline. Fading the effects in and out was easy because I had practiced it at the editing process of making the AS level product. By adding single key frames to particular frames I was able to manipulate when and by how much each effect was used. Over all I had in place roughly 8 key frames per second. These weren’t just in one effect. I would have to have numerous effects to change lighting and speed of the footage, E.C.T, all at once. This proved to be one of the most difficult and tedious tasks I completed. Look at the amount of editing During editing I also had to look at sounds. Luckily as this was a music video I only needed 1 audio track. However I did add in key frames quietening the music so that the car screech sound was louder and more significant. No sound was recorded but the non dietetic sounds were imported and downloaded from ‘freesound.org’. This was also the same for the starting whooshing sound. Nearly every frame had been cut and edited by the end of my editing process. I enlisted help throughout the ending. By getting feedback i was able to possibly change the film in many ways. Fresh eyes form the rest of my group put inputs in which I feel really benefit the film, E.G Jack and Mr. Wallis suggested adding the brightly coloured mask in on significant drops. This works and remains in the film. I had to work around editing when filming the clips, I was unsure of how long each scene or clip would take place. I decided to focus on how the music influences the film. researched showed that the drops in other music videos are truly significant and so I highlighted these sections to be the change f scenes. However doing it this way meant that the bathroom scene became longer then needed and the chase scene had to have some really well edited, filmed and effect heavy parts deleted. Shame. Other sequences were introduced to prevent rendering times form being too long and almost breaking the computers.

Editing was tough and arduous however I like the effects put on it as well as it overall look of the product. Feedback from peers and critiques has said that they enjoyed it and it would look too far off a real music video. I enjoyed the final product and think I has a professional quality one which I am proud of. After all of this we colour graded the film so it got the professional look and feel.
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