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Kate B

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Russia

Russians eat with the fork in their left hand and the knife in the right.
Russians keep their hands above the table when eating apposed to on their laps.
Russians living in the rural area usally do not eat out, however, Russians that live in large cities like Moscow, with occasionally eat out in the evening.
sitting and talking for hours with guests is a favorite pastime.
Russians show hospitality by giving guests more food than they can eat; it is polite for the guest to finish it, but it is not required.
If someone accidentally steps on your toes, you must step on theirs as well or else you will start a fight.
it is considered unlucky to shake hands through a doorway
pointing with the index finger is improper yet common
flowers are given in odd numbers but in even numbers for funerals
Russians close their fingers when counting
Climates in Russia vary by region with winters lasting from Novemer to March. However, winters are shorter in the south lasting from December to January or Febuary.
Russia covers two continents: Asia and Europe
nearly twice the size of the Untied states
four of the worlds largest rivers: Lena, Ob, Volga, Yenisei
deepest freshwater lake: Baikal
Plains cover most of Russia with some forests in western Russia but large, frozen tundra knocks out the extreme north
Basic facts
The capital of Russia is Moscow
The population in Russia is about 142,470,272
The area of Russia in square miles is 6,601,668
The currency in Russia is Russian ruble.
The Russian flag is red white and Blue
Red stands for courage and love.
White stands for noblility.
Blue stands for honesty.
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