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Walesca Marrero

on 7 November 2017

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Transcript of Prevention

Working Together Toward A Healthier West Virginia
Prevention: Project S.U.C.C.E.S.S.
The Region's prevention mission is to collaboratively promote the overall mental and physical health of our region by specifically providing education, building personal skills and habits, increasing capacity, and fostering the environment to prevent substance abuse in our communities. Prevention is proactive. It empowers individuals and systems to meet the challenges of life by promoting healthy decisions. It is an ongoing process that must relate to each emerging generation."
Governor's Substance Abuse Task Force: Region 4
Youth Coalitions
Special Regional Projects
Policy Change
13 County Coalitions
Braxton Co Drug Prevention Committee
Barbour County SAPC sponsored by the Barbour Co FRN
Gilmer County SAPC sponsored by the Gilmer Co FRN
Completed the 5th semi-annual drug take back with over 100 lbs of of drugs collected

Implemented 2 evidence based prevention programs in Gilmer County Schools - KACM and Second Step

Grown the SAP Coalition to include representatives from healthcare, law enforcement, city government, mental health, and Glenville State College, among others.

Have provided many community based educational presentations on relevant topics such as Bath Salts/Designer Drugs and Prescription Drug Abuse

The Gilmer Co SAP Coalition was the catalyst for the passage of a city ordinance banning the sale of drug paraphernalia within city limits.
Doddridge Co Prevention Partnership sponsored by the Opportunity Council
Harrison County Prevention Partnership sponsored by the Harrison Co FRN
Lewis County SAPC sponsored by Project SUCCESS
Lewis County SAPC was re-established in December 2012 and continues to grow
Sponsored a National Rx Drug Take Back Day event
Implemented Keep A Clear Mind, an evidenced based prevention program in Robert L. Bland Middle School with over 400 youth participants.
Lewis Co SAPC has worked with Project SUCCESS and BBHHF to hold 2 professional development trainings at William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital
Law enforcement have made several large busts since January 2013.
Community members have become more engaged and concerned about the drug related issues affecting the county.

Marion County Partners In Prevention sponsored by the Marion Co FRN
Implemented evidence based programs including the Keep A Clear Mind Program in Marion County Schools. Trained twenty four teachers in one on one sessions to implement the curriculum to fourth grade students on an annual basis. The Keep A Clear Mind Program is a substance abuse prevention curriculum that is completed both in school and at home with a parent or positive adult.
Created, purchased, and distributed materials to clinics and doctor’s offices across the county on prevention of fetal alcohol syndrome, drug exposed pregnancies, and the dangers of smoking while pregnant.
Hosted community education and awareness events including Substance Abuse Town Hall, Child Watch Awareness Day, Family Fun Days, Baby Showers/Parent Support Groups and Family Movie Days. Distributed educational materials at various community events on substance abuse prevention.
Coordinator was trained on substance abuse issues. She conducted professional presentations at local community meetings on fetal alcohol syndrome, prescription drug abuse, and drug exposed pregnancies.
Conducted substance abuse surveys of 119 community members including readiness assessments and community surveys to gauge perceptions on prescription drug abuse.
Marion County now has two permanent drug take back locations at the Fairmont Police Station and the Whitehall Police Station where community members can turn in medications anonymously.

Monongalia Co United in Prevention SAPC sponsored by United Way FRN
Implemented Keep A Clear Mind with after school programs
Implemented Second Step and evidence based prevention program at the Shack Neighborhood House's after school program.
Working with WVU School of Pharmacy to form a partnership for data sharing
STARS Accredited Staff Development trainings on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and Prenatal Drug Exposure through child care facilities community agencies.
Preston Co Prevention Partnership Coalition sponsored by the Preston Co FRN
The Preston County Sheriffs Dept. installed a Med Return drug collection box at the Kingwood office.

Valley Pharmacy also has a Med Return box for disposal of unused, unwanted or expired prescriptions.

Implementation of the Family Life Expo with the focus on Family Wellness and substance abuse prevention with family focused preventive activities. It's held each March.
Attendance last March was 550 people.

Randolph Co America's Promise Coalition sponsored by the Randolph Co FRN
Taylor County SAPC sponsored by the Taylor Co FRN
Rx Take Back 22lbs.
Community Workshops on Prescription Drugs.
Town Halls defining the problems.
Red Ribbon Week
Drug Free All Stars
Community partners to obtain drug dogs to be trained at Pruntytown Corrections.
Community Outreach Substance Abuse Prevention Quote contest.
SADD & MADD Candle Light Vigil
Back to School Prevention Resource Fair

Tucker County Drug Free Coalition sponsored by Tucker Co FRN
Passed tobacco free parks in Tucker County 2013.
Completed Second Step curriculum in Pre-K thru 5th grade school year 2012 and 13 (300+ students)
Completed Keep A Clear Mind curriculum at DTEMS (50 students grades 4/5). 2013
Our TCDrug Free coalition is Beginning the formation of a Teen Court 2013.
Hosted 4 prescription Drug Take Back Days.
Established the Tucker 24/7 youth mentoring group. 2012-13
Conducted parent training's on fetal alcohol syndrome and smoking prevention by partnering with our Parents As Teachers in-home family education group.
Conducted community workshops on the dangers of Meth and safe storage and proper disposal of prescription drugs. 2012-13.
Developed community public relations campaigns using social media including the TCDrugFree and Tucker 24/7 Facebook pages.
Upshur Co UCARE sponsored by the Upshur Co FRN
Hot Stuff & Cool Things closing in Upshur County
Mom and Pops Hippy Shop closing in Upshur County
Bath Salts/Synthetic Drugs Ban in the City of Buckhannon
Passage of Upshur County Clean In-Door Air Act
Passage of Buckhannon City Parks and Recreation Facilities Tobacco Free Zones
PROs for B-U High School and B-U Middle School
$300,000 Destination Graduation/Drop-Out Prevention Grant through WV Dept. of Education
UCARE Pool Parties and National Night Out Events with hundreds of youth participating
Red Ribbon Week participation by all county schools and the community
Youth Police Academy for 30 high school and middle school students
B-U Middle School Mock Crime Class sponsored by the Buckhannon Police Dept. for 30 B-UMS students
UCARE/FRN Director Joyce Harris-Thacker winner of Element Medication Disposal System essay contest
Harrison County Dream T.E.A.M.:
Teens Encouraging Advocacy & Motivation
WV National Youth Leadership Initiative
Taylor County Breaking the Cycle
Turning Point of Preston County
Youth taking charge!
America's Promise Youth Coalition

Celebrate Recovery
Celebrate Recovery offers a person the opportunity to participate in a group fellowship where love and hope combine with God’s purpose to mend our lives.

Celebrate Recovery maintains strict confidentiality. This promotes an atmosphere of trust, facilitates growth and

A wide variety of hurts, hang ups and harmful behaviors are represented at Celebrate Recovery. Examples include dependency on alcohol or drugs, pornography, low self-esteem, need to control, depression, anger, co-dependency, depression,fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, perfectionism, broken relationships, and abuse.
Hall Neighbors' House
Recovery Coach Program
We wish we could provide transportation to assist our peers, as well as help our peers access more affordable housing. Removing barriers and providing a safe place to work on the recovery lifestyle without some of the everyday pressures is essential for success.
Opportunity House
Together We Can Create A Healthier West Virginia
A project to Strategically Unite Community Coalitions and Empower Substance-free Societies
In Taylor County we look to bright prosperous future where our
residents, young and old, feel empowered for healthier living.
Home of the Nation’s first Tobacco Prevention and Breast Cancer Awareness Barn
100% of Randolph Co. Parks are Tobacco Free
Creating a Life Recovery Center for those in recovery from substance abuse called the Gatehouse
Anonymous Tip Line – 304.636.TIPS
Home of a National CADCA Training – Rebecca Smith
Coalition worked with community partners to obtain a passive drug dog. City of Elkins will be getting a second one.
Implemented Evidence Based Programs – Too Good for Drugs and Second Step
Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs Expo.
#1 RAZE Crew in the State – Tygarts Valley High School
National Kids Day
Coalition Youth involvement has grown 75% in less than 3 years
Coalition community involvement and membership has grown by 25% over a 2 year period
RX Drug take back days held twice a year – Daily take back at two sites in the county
2011 100 Best Communities
Partnered with Prosecuting Attorney to assist in securing funding for a prosecutor to handle only substance abuse cases and violent crimes – began July 1, 2013.
Hosted and participated in the National Above the Influence Day
Displayed at the CADCA conference
National Above the Influence Day
CADCA 2013
Youth Summit Be it Campaign

The Purple Project
Preston High School
CADCA 2013
Working together today
for tomorrows youth.
Juvenile Drug Courts

Region 4 Counties with Juvenile Drug Courts

Harrison County
JDC Probation Officer: Sherri Staten
PHONE: 304-624-8698
EMAIL: Sherri.Staten@courtwv.goV
Chief Probation Officer: Charles Scott
PHONE: 304-624-8698
EMAIL: Charles.Scott@courtswv.gov
JDC Judge: Tom Bedell, Circuit Judge
Monongalia County
JDC Probation Officer: Angela Kauffman
PHONE: 304-291-7217
EMAIL: Angela.Kauffman@courtswv.gov
Chief Probation Officer: Leisa Riedeman
PHONE: 304-291-7217 ext 248
EMAIL: Leisa.Riedeman@courtswv.gov
JDC Judge: Phillip D. Gaujot, Circuit Judge
The West Virginia Juvenile Drug Court Program is a cooperative effort of the juvenile justice, social service, law enforcement, and education systems in the state. This program seeks to divert non-violent juvenile offenders exhibiting alcohol or substance abuse behavior from the traditional juvenile court process to an intensive, individualized treatment process. The goal is to reduce future court involvement for these youth.
Randolph County
JDC Probation Officer: Sherri Hulver
PHONE: 304-636-4363
EMAIL: Sherri.Hulver@courtswv.gov
Chief Probation Officer: Heidi Hawkins
PHONE: 304-636-4363
EMAIL: Heidi.Hawkins@courtswv.gov
JDC Judge: Jaymie Godwin Wilfong, Circuit Judge

Substance Abuse Outpatient Services
John D. Good Recovery Center
Detoxification Unit
Recovery Community

Bob Mays Recovery Center
Substance Abuse Services
Adolescent Early Recovery Substance Abuse Program

DUI Program
Early Recovery
Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program
Inpatient Referral Services
Drug and Alcohol Assessments
Substance Abuse Residential Services
Appalachian Community Health Center
Individual and Family Counseling
Community Education Programs
Industry Consultation
DUI Classes
Women's Program
Intensive Outpatient Program
Public Inebriate Shelter
Psychiatric Services
Diagnostic Assessment
Mental Hygiene
Emergency Services

HC Dream TEAM Strategic Plan to address Underage Drinking
CADCA Ideas Fair
February 2013 presentation
about Underage Drinking and Designer Drug problems in Harrison County
National Above
The Influence Day
WV National Youth Leadership Initiative
Recovery is Possible. People change and improve their lives. Their past does not define them. Recovering people have many strengths and wish to become happy and usefully whole.
The Hall Neighbors' House Recover Coach Program Practices nonjudgmental approach, meeting our peers where they are. We have a strong and diverse team of Recovery Coaches with unique skills, recovery histories, and lifestyles.
We have been able to improve the lives of those who participate in our program. The Hall Neighbors' House has very qualified recovery supports and educational, advocacy and peer support capacities
A Town Hall meeting with 36 agencies and the community represented which helped re-energize the SAP Coalition

1st Ever Hooked On Fishing, Not On Drugs event in Barbour County. Over 400 people attended. Approximately $3,000 was donated by businesses and community support for this event.

New and revived partnerships have been established with Belington City Council and Police Department as well as the Mayor of Philippi both have become the most active partners in establishing a Coalition presence in all parts of the County.

Worked with the school counselors to involve youth who have gotten in trouble. These "Turn Around Kids" have established positive influence in youth groups

Currently working on drafting and passing ordinances to address some of the substance abuse problems in the county.
Prescription Drug Take Back Days
Town Halls
Evidence-based prevention programs
Military Health Literacy
Harrison Co Prevention Partnership was the catalyst for the passage of a county-wide Designer Drug Ordinance prohibiting the sale of designer drugs in the county.
Presented at CADCA
Had 2 Youth Panelist on the 1st ever National Above The Influence Day
In partnership with the Youth Coalition, HCPP held an Underage Drinking Town Hall Event
Engaged law enforcement by holding a meeting specifically for state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies
Sponsored 2 Recovery Coach Trainings in Harrison County
Worked with local schools and Prevention Resource Officers to implement evidence based prevention programs in 3 schools as well as provide educational presentation assemblies.
Tucker 24/7
Prevention Work Force Development training and education with monthly trainings
Community Readiness Assessments
Synar Compliance Checks
The West Virginia SBIRT Project is an integrated/collaborative approach between community-based behavioral health centers and rural community-based primary health care clinics, trauma units and school based health clinics. The intent of the program is to provide early intervention for substance misuse and abuse. Patients are screened as part of the intake process and those with positive screens receive culturally appropriate, evidenced-based brief interventions or brief treatments by WVSBIRT clinicians. Those needing more intensive/specialized treatment are referred to a community behavioral health center.
West Virginia Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral, and Treatment
Resource Officers
The PRO Program is a cooperative effort between schools and law enforcement to: Improve student’s attitudes and knowledge of criminal justice and law enforcement; to prevent juvenile delinquency; to mentor youth; to provide a safer school environment and; to combine safety and child advocacy assuring a better school experience for all WV youth.
The PRO Program places certified WV Police Officers who are also certified Prevention Resource Officers in local middle and high schools. The officers maintain an office in the school and are on duty a minimum of 35-40 hours per week. In addition to the regular school day PRO's typically attend extra curricular activities throughout the school year.
The three main components of the PRO Program are prevention, mentoring, and safety.
Prevention – The officers facilitate classes on non-traditional educational topics such as juvenile law, domestic violence, underage drinking, drug and alcohol prevention, and child abuse and neglect;
Mentoring – Officers are trained on how to be a positive mentor to students they interact with daily and;
Safety – Officers are trained to recognize potential danger, prevent violence, and to respond to dangerous school situations.
If we were to ever have unlimited resources available it would be our intent to develop and open more comprehensive residential services for women and children. This would be an adjunct to our already existing women’s program but with a full complement of both residential and specialized services for these women and their children on-site for extended periods of time.
A real strength of Valley is that we have a varied treatment staff of professionals both licensed and certified in addictions treatment to provide a comprehensive system of care. Their professional commitment to offering the highest caliber of care is evidenced in the continually growing demand for their services both clinic and community based.
The growth of our Suboxone clinic in response to the needs within the community has been one of the hallmarks of our success during the past year. This clinic-based service provides easily accessible medication assisted treatment with ongoing therapy and other supports for the client and their family. Through these services, functioning has improved and lives are being restored by measures such as women delivering healthy babies and clients returning to the workforce.
Over the years, Valley has continued to add to its array of services for people with disabilities, including services for individuals with developmental disabilities, mental health and chemical dependency issues. Valley serves the citizens of Monongalia, Marion, Preston and Taylor Counties in 28 different sites, including outpatient offices, group homes, day treatment programs, residential treatment centers and in the community and peoples’ homes. Valley employs nearly 500 full and part time staff who are comprised of health care assistants, recovery coaches, service and care coordinators, certified addictions counselors, rehab counselors, licensed psychologists and social workers, therapists, nursing staff and psychiatrists.

Community responsiveness and tailored delivery of services have been hallmarks of care over the past forty plus years for Valley HealthCare System. A commitment to excellence in the delivery of behavioral health care services has been the standard whereby Valley has directed its mission and focused its resources since the advent of community mental health care.

I believe it is critical to know that treatment works and that you can recover from addiction and lead a full and productive life. Realizing that the variety of treatment options that are available and the ability to access these is more available now than ever. The strength of Valley is that our services are both comprehensive in that we offer the full continuum of care from detox through community-based peer recovery coaching, and readily available through our service area in north central West Virginia.
Distributed drug prevention informational packets to youth during Trick-or-Treat

Working with Day Care Facilities to implement Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones an evidence based prevention program for children 3-5 years old.

Held education presentation events for the Braxton Conty Community.

Participated in Semi-annual Drug Take Back days.
Re-established a substance abuse prevention coalition called the Doddridge County Prevention Partnership in January 2013
Held a small media campaign with weekly educational newspaper articles.
Held monthly educational presentations to the Opportunity House GED program with guest speakers and discussion about prevention, addiction and treatment.
Participated in the National Prescription Drug Take Back Day.
Managed an education booth at the Doddridge County Fair where over 180 children of all ages signed a pledge to "Say No to Drugs". Information was distributed to parents and fair goers about the dangers of Prescription Drug misuse and abuse. A free drawing was held for a free presciption lock box.
The mission of Opportunity House is to provide a safe and supportive environment to those working to recover from addiction. We assist residents in working a personal plan of recovery, provide support in clearing up past issues, and help them to develop the skills needed to lead successful lives. We also offer a Community Recovery Center open to the public for education.
"Action is Eloquence"
Albert Einstein.
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