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No description

Chaehyun Namkung

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of INFINITE MEMBERS <3




L is the Visual of the Group. He is loved by zillions of girls because of his charm. The members envy him because of his looks. he did the most drama and the one I liked is "Shut up! flower boy band. He also does solos and I like him the most because i can't stop looking at his handsome face. He has a lot of aegyo too.
Sungjong is the youngest with a cute face. People say he looks like a girl but sometimes he hates that. He is funny and cute. But on stage he is a man!
Hoya is the dancing machine and he has a lot of silences of awkwardness. He was in a drama in 2013 "Reply 1997" he is the friend of the main character. He has a lot of dancing skills and aegyo dancing too.

Woohyun is the Main vocalist. He may look cool and handsome in Singing concerts but n real life he has a aegyo humour in a idiot way:P He was in a drama. Also he is known as a Heart King. Lately he did a group called toheart with shinee Key.
Dongwoo is the main rapper in the group. Everyone in the group envy his lower lips. He is funny and still good at singing even though he raps.He laughs the most and hiper.
Infinite is a Korean boy group, who debuted in their ages of 18-22. They are always hardworking. They have 7members and they went through hard sad relationships from pre-debut and also broke there legs from dancing. They have cool characters of them. You will see their talent later on.
Infinite songs( MY FAVOURITES
- The Chaser
-Man in Love
- She's Back
- Nothings over
- Only tears
- Cover girl
- Mom
- Lately
- Inception
- Be mine
- Paradise
- 60 sec (sunggyu solo)
- I need you( sunggyu solo)
- Request
First award they got and Second Invasion concert
Before the pre-debuted and some program shows they did and there birthday pranks
Yamo ep 1-8 (so sad)
Beatles code
Weekly idol
The dreaming sea( only sunggyu)
Infinite scandal
Infinite special story 8 days
Sesame player
Infinite DFLA
Star dance battle infinite
Promising Star
Star making survival
High society
Ranking king
Hello Counselor
1vs100( Only L)
Birth of a Family
This is infinite( Diss is infintie)
Sunggyu is the leader in Infinite and he has a amazing voice and he is the vocalist. He sings the most lines and he has a charisma. People make fun of him saying that he has small eyes but that is what is handsome( what i think) He is funny so he has the most programs and he has phobia of water. No one can beat his singing and he always get "betrayed."
The order I like
- L
- Sunggyu
- Sungjong
- Woohyun
- Dongwoo
- Hoya
- Sungyeol
Infinite's Ideal type(Celebrities)
- Sunggyu( Soyu from sistar or hyuna from 4 minute)
- L ( Suzy from Miss A or apink naeun)
- Hoya( Krystal Fx)
- Sungjong(snsd seohyun)
- Woohyun ( Krystal Fx)
- Dongwoo( park shin hye actress)
- Sungyeol(Taeyeon snsd)
His group members say he is good at acting so he was in some dramas. He is caring. Silly and funny faces. He is known as the tallest in the group.
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