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Ellie M.

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Newsies

Question-What was it like to be a newsie in the past?

Conjecture-We think life for the newsies was very hard and uncomfortable.
Sydney's Information
What newsies do: In 1899 newsies would stop New York traffic to pass out there newspapers. They would buy stacks of 100 newspapers for 65 cents. If they sold all of the papers they would get 35 cents. Kids would get up extra early and stay out really late so they could sell all of there papers just to get 35 cents.
Sammie's Information
Timeline- The newsies met everyday on April 13th and only 3 times on April 12th. What they did on those days is planned protest, sold newspapers, and protested so the company's would put down their prices. They only protested on April 12. But only once did they do there biggest boycott yet in July, the one where they stopped traffic for hours to prove just a point. That is how much those companies needed to put down their prices. Then they finally got there way after hours of protest.

Ellie's Information
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Olivia's Information
Sometimes the Newsies had to work until 10 pm at night and some were abused by their own parents for not selling enough news papers (Such as getting bitten.). Many children had to work in the rain, and some got pneumonia because this. Also drunken men would say very bad words to the very small children. Most of the Newsies were very young. One of the youngest had to risk his life every day jumping on and off of moving trolley cars, to get to his many destinations. Many Newsies fought with each other.
Who were newsies: Newspapers boys also, called newsies were the main people who would sell newspapers. They earned only 30 cents a day but it depends on where you were working. The newsies were forced to work very late trying to sell every last one. They were not allowed to get back any that were unsold. Usually orphaned children were newsies.
He was so tired from selling newspapers all day and from staying up so late passing out newspapers.
Picture slide

This is how many newspapers each kid
had to sell and if they didn't sell enough,
they could get punished.
This is a group of kids during the day selling newspapers.
These are some very upset kids who do not enjoy selling there newspapers.
How the Newsies were Treated.
1.What year did newsies start selling newspapers?
2. How much was a stack of 100 newspapers in NY?
1.Why did they sometimes get a different amount of money compared to other newsies?
1.What kinds of conditions did the newsies have to work in?
2.Were some newsies abused? How were they abused?
1.What day did the newsies meet?
2.What day did the newsies boycott most?
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