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Traffic jam in Egypt

No description

Eman Ashour

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Traffic jam in Egypt

Traffic jam in Egypt
Hatem Mahmoud 117523
1- Traffic jam in Egypt
2- What causes and effects of traffic jam
3- The previous solution and why it failed
4- My solution
5- The purpose of this essay to destroy traffic jam
Causes and Effects
Misplanned streets
No penalties
large number of cars per family

Misplanned Streets
They must make the streets wider
that leads to liquidity traffic
Make new highways for every exist


Police must put strict laws
and a large fine for it


companies are centered in the city that we have over 40000 companies in the city that leads to traffic jam

statics proved that 36% of the transportation is buses
All this problems leads to Traffic jam that leads to waste of time
and make us exhausted

Previous solution
Penalties : the goverment try to put penalties on those who broke the rules but it didn't work because lack of police in doing there work

Cameras : It was working good but the goverment didn't follow up that it stop working
Creative solution

1-Make the buses double floored that will reduces the number of the busses to the half
2-The zipper : it is a machine that allow an extra lane in the rush hour and it would be useful for us here
3-Goverment must put a district penalties
4-Companies must be out of the city that would help in reducing number of cars
5-Minimize the sidewalk and make an extra lane for bicycle and motorbikes
we must try our best to solve this solution that affect us
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