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Using ePortfolios to Foster Transversal Skills

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Sinead Tuohy

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of Using ePortfolios to Foster Transversal Skills

What Skills do Our Students Need?
Using ePortfolios to Foster Transversal Skills
John Hurley, H2 Learning & Sinéad Tuohy, Junior Cycle for Teachers
What are Transversal Skills?
Transversal skills refer to a broad set of key skills that are known to be critically important to
success in school, further education and the world of work.
They include
the ability to think critically, take initiative, use digital tools, solve problems and work collaboratively.
Why ATS2020?
The introduction of transversal competencies to education systems
requires a shift in thinking
how we teach

how students learn
. Assessment can guide or inhibit this
Assessment of Transversal Competencies (UNESCO: 2016)
Learners will be enabled
to use and analyse information in new and creative ways, to investigate issues, to explore, to think for themselves, to be creative in solving problems
to apply their learning
to new challenges and situations
... these competences and skills are
critical to the preparation of young people for learning and living.

Framework for Junior Cycle (DES: 2015)
Project Background
An innovative Erasmus + research project co-funded by the European Commission
29 Irish schools, 61 teachers, 1250+ students
Selected from an open call for applications in January 2016
Develop ATS2020 ePortfolio platforms and tools
Create a repository of lesson plans and resources for sharing exemplifying work from ATS 2020 classrooms
Key Project Steps
Design and develop the Transversal Skills Framework
Involves 17 education partners from 11 European countries:
Ireland, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, Croatia, Spain, Lithuania
Partners are drawn from Ministries for Education, National Assessment Bodies, Teacher Education Institutions, 3rd Level Colleges, National CPD Providers, Education consultants
Three year project spanning 2015-2018
To design and develop an innovative student-centered learning model which supports the development of transversal skills as an integral part of teaching, assessment and learning
Design teacher CPD programme and resources
Facilitate high quality CPD and mentor schools in throughout the pilot implementation
Carry out pre- and post pilot evaluations
Evaluation report and policy recommedations
The Irish Classroom Pilot
Sample Support Materials
ATS2020 Classroom Examples
Initial Teacher Training April 2016 & Follow-Up Training September 2016
Approach mirroring UNESCO Framework-Literacy, Knowledge, Creation
Student Pre/Post -Assessment & Teacher Questionnaire
Webinars & School Mentoring Visits
Country Report- Case Study Reports-Sample Lessons & Support Materials
Future Dissemination:
Student Reflection Prompts
Student 'Can Do' Statements
Developing Digital Literacy
Safe and Ethical Use
of the Internet
Verifying 'Fake News'
adapted from Abrami & Barrett (2005) and Himpsl-Gutterman (2012)
What Transversal Skills are Fostered using Process-Focused ePortfolios?
Information Literacy
Creativity & Innovation
Formative Assessment, Autonomy & Collaboration
Level One
Level Two
Level Three
adapted from: http://www.core-ed.org/sites/efellows.org.nz/files/nick-eportfolios.pdf
Do you use ePortfolios in teaching or in your own study? For what purpose?
ATS 2020 Skills Framework
Key Skills of Senior Cycle
Key Skills of Junior Cycle
CESI 2017
H2 Learning & Junior Cycle for Teachers
An Erasmus+ Project
Formative Assessment
Developing Collaboration
First Year English- Sharing Oral Presentations
First Year Science- Sharing & Giving Feedback
First Year English: Co-creating Knowledge and Understanding
ATS2020 Classroom Examples
Fostering Autonomy
Reflecting on Learning
Scaffolding Reflection
Setting Personal Learning Goals
ATS2020 Classroom Examples
Formative Feedback
Supporting Peer Feedback
Giving Actionable Feedback
Collating Peer Feedback on Practical Work
ATS2020 Classroom Examples
Teachers & Students Managing Information
Teacher Class Notebook
Student Annotated Work
Supporting Creativity
ATS 2020 Skills Framework
Student & Teacher Voice
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