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Copy of How To Write An Incident Report

RA Training 2011

Allison Hesse

on 13 July 2016

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Transcript of Copy of How To Write An Incident Report

The RA Role in the
Discipline Process

If you come across a violation of any kind- it is your job to approach it.
You are never alone when dealing with a situation!
Pushing into Conflict
Approaching Violations
Information that should always be clear
Who was involved: Names, ID numbers, and where they live so we can quickly proceed in following up with them
When and where the violation occurred
Exactly what happened
(report as an objective observer)
How you confronted the situation and the student’s response
Good Incident Report
Record what happened during one of your Behind Closed Doors scenarios
Conclusion and Recap
What information should be in your incident Report?

When should you write your incident report? Why?

Who should you send the incident report to?
Approaching people with kindness, truth, love and authority
Never feel like you have to apologize!
It was their decision to break community standards- not yours
Social Media
Letting people know that you are going to "let your RD know."
Staying away from saying, "I have to report you."
Some Notes on Reporting:
Loving people even when its hard
It will be their natural response to avoid you or push you away
It will be up to you to continue to pursue that relationship
Writing the Incident Report:
MUST send your incident report within 24 Hours!!
Helps us be able to respond quickly
Gives validity to our process
Helps us be able to the people the help and support they need
Our whole process starts by receiving your incident report!
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