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Physical and Chemical Properties of Chlorine

No description

Carolina Leiro

on 2 June 2015

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Transcript of Physical and Chemical Properties of Chlorine

Physical and Chemical Properties of Chlorine
By: Carolina Leiro Fonseca
(a natural process which converts metal into more stable oxide)
Highly corrosive
(the specific degree of being poisonous or toxic)
Highly Toxic
Common compounds
(two or more elements which are chemically bonded together)
PVC (synthetic plastic); Sodium chloride (table salt)
Reactivity with Metals:
Most metals react with dry chlorine only upon heating
(tending to explode)
Specific mixtures of chlorine and hydrogen can be explosive
Oxidation (loss of electrons during reaction by ions, atoms or molecules):
It forms many types of oxides

Physical Properties
(the quality of an object in respect to light)
Phase at room temperature
(a physically distinctive form of matter)
(the characteristic of a substance involving the sense of smell)
Unpleasant/ Suffocating
(mass per unit volume)
(capability of being dissolved)
Soluble with water (solution called chlorine water)
Boiling Point
(the temperature at which the pressure of the atmosphere on the liquid matches to the vapor pressure on the liquid)
Melting Point
(the temperature at which a solid melts)

Chemical Properties
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What are they?
They are characteristics of a thing which can be identified without changing the matter. They are used to observe and describe. They include things like appearance, texture, color, odor, melting point, boiling point, density, solubility, polarity, and many others depending on what you are trying to describe.
Physical Properties of Chlorine
What are they?
They are properties that for us to identify them we have to chemically change them or perform a chemical reaction. The structure of the matter has to be altered or change in order for us to be able to see and recognize them.
Chemical Properties of Chlorine
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