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Dr. James McCune Smith

No description

Hannah Rubin

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Dr. James McCune Smith

Dr. James McCune Smith Dr. Smith Birthplace & Birth date Family Life Death Education Smith Contributions -Dr. Smith was the first African American to receive a medical degree.

-He was also the first African American to run a pharmacy in the United States. -Smith was born in New York City, New York.

-He was born on April 28, 1813. -People in the United States were blantly racist towards him, and he wasn't allowed to go to college in the U.S. So Smith decided to go to college in Scotland.

-Smith graduated at the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

-Academically, he was one of the smartest people in his class. He graduated with a medical degree. Dr. Smith was the first African American to become a doctor. At the time, blacks could not work in the medical field. Also, he started a school for children. -After Dr. Smith became a doctor, blacks were allowed to enter into the medical field.

-He also inspired many people with his writing. He was not only in the medical field, but he was also an author. -Smith was married to Malvina.

-Smith had 7 children, but only 5 made it to adulthood. So usually when you research about his children, it'll say he only had 5 children. The children's names were: James, Henry, Amy, Mary, Donald, John, and Guy. -Dr. Smith died on November 17, 1865 from congestive heart failure.

-He died in Long Island, New York. In conclusion, Dr. Smith was the first African American to become a doctor, and was a fantastic author. He showed great courage and was a man of great respect. Something I find interesting about him is that he is an author and a doctor and a scientist. How many doctors do you know that are also authors? and scientists? It's possible that a doctor may write a book, but it isn't very likely that are also known as a famous author. Throughout his lifetime, Dr. Smith was a scientist, author, and a physician. But, he was most known for being a physician. He showed to be a very intelligent man. In conclusion, I believe Dr. Smith is a huge inspiration. I would struggle if I applied for a college that I wanted to get into very badly, and earned my way there, but got rejected because of my race. I feel it takes great courage to accomplish the things he did. He was a loyal family man, who respected and listened to everyone. He is someone that is not well known, but hopefully now you understand all the things he did.
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