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vamsi krishna

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of LI-FI TECHNOLOGY

What is LI-FI?
Light for WiFi communication
LI-FI is a transmission of data through illumination
by taking the fiber out of fiber optics by sending data
through a LED Light bulb that varies in intensity faster
than the human eye can follow
Present Scenario
we have 1.4 million cellular mast radio wave base
stations deployed.
we also have over 5 billion of mobile phones.
Mobile phones transmit more than 600TB of data.
we use it on our daily life,in our private life ,and in
business life.
Currently Wi-Fi uses Radio Waves for Communication.
It is important to look into this technology which has become fundamental to our life.
Four Issues with Radio Waves
Alternative to Radio waves is Electromagnetic Spectrum
so there are four major concerns i.e,capacity,efficiency,
availability,security related with Radio waves.
But on the other hand we have 40 billions of light box
already installed and light is the part of the Electro
magnetic spectrum.

so let's look up at this in context of EM spectrum.
Harsha Vardhan
we transmit wireless data through radio waves.
Radio waves are limited.
Radio waves are scar and expensive.
We only have a certain range of it.
With the advent of the new generation technologies as
of likes of 2.5G,3G,4G and so on we are running out of spectrum.
There are 1.4million cellular radio base stations.
They consume massive amount of energy .
Most of this energy is not used for transmission
but for cooling down the base stations.
Efficiency of such a base station is only 5% and that raisea very big problem.
Availability of radio waves or rf signals causes another concern.
We have to switch off our mobiles in aero planes.
It is not advisable to use mobiles at places like
petrochemical plants and petrol pumps , like
hospitals and so on.
Radio Waves penetrate through walls.
They can be intercepted.
If someone has a knowledge and bad intentions they
may misuse it.
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Light has been around for millions of years.
It has created us,has created life and has created all stuff of life.
FLICKERING lights are annoying but they may have and upside.Visible Light Communication(VLC) uses
rapid pulses of light to transmit data wirelessly.
Now it may be ready to compete with conventional
So it is inherently safe to use and would be great if we can use it for our wireless communication.
Working Process
What we have to do ?
we have to replace inefficient fluorescent lights with the new dignitaries of LED lights.
It is a semi-conductive e-device.
The LED bulb will hold a micro-chip that will do the job of processing the data.
Light intensity can be modulated at very high speeds to send data by tiny changes in amplitude.
How we do this ?
Remote control has an IR-LED.
It creates a single data stream.
High Speed data rates of 10000b/s to 20000b/s.
Replace remote control with lightbox.
With this technologies we transmits 1000's of data stream in parallel at high speeds.
We termed this technology as "Special Modulation".
Is It a Proven Technology ?
Yes, this is already proven.
Harlad Hass demonstrated his invention using an ordinary table
lamp that successfully transmitted data at speeds exceeding 10mbps light waves from LED light bulbs to a computer located below the lamp.
To prove that the light bulb was the source of the data stream, he periodically blocked the beam light, causing the connection to drop.
Overcoming the Four Issues with Radio waves in LI-FI
10000 times more spectrum than Radio Waves.

Light box are already present.

So we have the infra-structure available and already installed.
Data through illumination and thus data transmission comes for free.

LED lights consumes less energy.

Highly Efficient.
Everywhere light is present
Light waves doesn't penetrate through walls.

Can't be intercepted & misused.

Data is present where there is light.
The possibilities are numerous and can be explored further.If this technology can be put into practical use, every bulb can be used something like a Wi-Fi hotspot to transmit wireless data and we will proceed towards the "Cleaner,Greener,Safer and Brighter" future.
copyrights@vamsi krishna
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