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Dogon Creation

The Dogon religion is found primarily in Mali, a country located in western Africa; and this is the Dogon creation myth.

Emma Massengill

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Dogon Creation

The Dogon Creation Myth The Creation of the Universe The Heavens The Creation of the Pale Fox The Birth of Yoruga The Return of the Nummo and the First of the Sacred Revelations The Nummo The Rest of the Sacred Revelations Sources In the beginning there was nothing except the god Amma. One day Amma sculpted a round pot out of copper which he then heated to extreme temperatures and tossed into space. He then created another pot out of silver which he heated one quarter at a time before he threw it into space. The pots became the sun and the moon which give light to the universe. Amma then threw a piece of unformed clay into space which broke apart and became stars. He then threw one last piece of clay into space and it became the earth. Amma traveled down to Earth and realized that the Earth had taken the form of a beautiful woman. Amma was lonely and he tried to take advantage of her, but a single termite hill stood in his way and he quickly cut it down. When the Earth became pregnant it gave birth to a single pale fox instead of the pair of lucky twins Amma wanted. The Pale Fox was a symbol of god's cruelty and difficulty. The Earth became pregnant with two sets of twins, each set consisting of a male and a female. The twins were to represent the elements of Earth. One set of twins was born early and because of this they were born imperfect. The god Yoruga and his twin sister were born imperfect and from them descended the race of man. Over many generations mankind has never become perfect. The Earth soon gave birth to a second pair of twins; they were the Nummo. The Nummo were half-fish half-man with green skin and forked tongues. The Nummo were perfect beings and they immediately ascended into the heavens. They went to Sigi Tolo (Sirius), and they settled on Po Tolo or "deep beginnings" (Sirius B) Eventually the Nummo returned to Earth where they created the first lake and taught man how to drink. They also gave man the Sacred Revelations that would bring order to the world. The first was that of Nature, found in the rustling of the grasses. The second was that of Order, represented by the weavings. The third Sacred Revelation was that of the granary which connected mankind with the earth. The last of the Sacred Revelations was that of the drum, which was meant for communication. The drum taught man that they are to live in communities, and not alone like the pale fox. If these lessons are kept alive in man's thoughts, Order will be preserved. http://www.mythicjourneys.org/bigmyth/fullversion/password011/myths/english/2_dogon_full.htm
http://atschool.eduweb.co.uk/spritesjun.suffolk/mali.htm The Dogon of Bandgiagara The Dogon are a tribe located near the Bandgiagara cliffs in Mali. In ancient times the Dogon people retreated to dwellings built into the cliff face in order to escape from the war that was ravaging the land. When the war was over they relocated to their current home at the base of the cliffs where they reside to this day.
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