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Elements of Effective Political Communication

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on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Elements of Effective Political Communication

Elements of Effective
Political Communication

Who has run for political office?
Who has run a political campaign?
Who uses social media?
Gone are the Days of Traditional Media
Traditional media was a one-way push
Shared messages via news releases, interviews and debates
What Can I Use Social Media for in My Campaign?

Traditional media releases may get ignored, while status updates on Facebook or Twitter may get picked up.

Being present where voters are having political conversations.
Facebook is the new watercooler, kitchen table, town hall

One tweet or post can change the campaign where you can create powerful headlines through posts.

Share your stories on the campaign trail. Post photos and videos to your wall.
Social Media for Campaigns
Most Popular Networks
What Do I Tweet?
News & Announcements
Interaction & Engagement
Reputation Management
Event Promotion
Quick Polls
Tools that Monitor
Google Search
Google Alert

Twitter Search

Does Twitter Really Matter?
Putting it all Together

Share tweets on your Facebook Wall & Linkedin Page with your friends, contacts and groups.
When you upload a video to your YouTube channel, send out a tweet
Tweet Posts to Facebook Wall

Constituents NOW have 2 Screens:
Tools for Candidates & Politicians
Link all of your pages
Lessons from Modern Campaigning...
Candidates don't dictate the news cycles

Campaigns do not control websites, broadcast ads and direct media (mailers, telephone calls, etc.)

Elections Are Won Locally

Play Good Cop, Bad Cop - Makes Attacks Worse
Campaigns try to...
Generate specific outcomes or effect in a relative large number of people
Usually within a specified time period
Through an integrated set of communication activities and procedures
Let's talk about...
Communications Strategy
Types of Communication

Types of Communication
Personal Contact

Direct Mail
Social Media
Personal Contact
TV Ads
Key means of communication with public
Advertising is largest portion of spending
Do TV Ads Impact A Race?
Drives news reporting

Influence voters' attitudes
Positive Advertising
Focus on good characteristics, accomplishments or issue positions of sponsor
Negative Advertising
Focus on the criticism of the opponent, fault character, accomplishments or issue positions - 'attack advertising'
Often comes from outside the campaign

Make up small portion of ads

Direct Mail
Multifaceted coordination with mail vendor, campaign manager and consultant
Develops a story with mail and convey a clear message to voters
Communications Strategy
Identify Potential Voters
Get to know media in your race
Target audience through segmentation
Change message when audience changes
Learn the potential audience's attitudes, lifestyles and behaviors
Get to know your district
What do they do on the weekends?
Test potential themes and messages
Generate positioning and messaging scheme
Keep Media Updated
It's Where the Voters Are
Your Instant Microphone
Your Campaign Buddy
Active participation in the election process
Getting their voice heard
Influencing their friends and networks
The TV/Live Debate
The smart phone in their hand
Make your candidate memorable
Phone Bank
Work with Political Director/Field Manager to coordinate call list
Use messaging strategy to write call script
Focus on issues, advocacy
Increase familiarity with candidate's name
Key to reaching a lot of voters in short amount of time
$5.3 billion in total spending in 2010 Presidential & Congressional races
Over $450 million was spent from April 3 to Nov. 5, 2008 to broadcast over 380 ads.
739 airings of the Kerry Swift Boat AD in 3 states drove coverage
Shape perception of candidates
Provide information about positions
Image Oriented - focus on characteristics and personal traits
Issue oriented - focus on a specific issue/policy position
'84 Reagan "Morning in America" Ad
'92 Clinton "Hope" Ad
Campaigns by PACs and 527s
Most stealth ads are positive or contrast
1800 Attack Ad
'88 Willlie Horton Ad
Issue Positions
Though gatekeepers sometimes let them
Can amplify inaccuracies and distortions
Specific regions, precincts
PACs, 527 and stealth campaigning
Phone Banks
Social Media
Lindsay Jancek
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