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No description

Lexi Hudson

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Hydra

1. The story starts and Jean Valjean has escaped from jail and is looking for refuge.
2. Jean Valjean stole from a priest and a little boy

"..then passed quickly, without looking at the bishop..straight to the cupboard..he opened it; the first thing he saw was the basket of silver; he took it, crossed the room with a hasty stride, careless of noise..and fled." (p31)

"..the boy.. played at tossing up some pieces of money...the fourty-six sous piece escaped him, and rolled toward the thicket, near Jean Valjean. Jean Valjean put his foot upon it.
The child began again:
"My piece, monsieur!"
Jean Valjean's eye remained fixed on the ground." (p35-36)
3. Jean Valjean is elected mayor and gives lots of people jobs.

"Before the arrival of Father Madeleine, the whole region was languishing; now it was all alive with the healthy strength of labor.. Idleness and misery were unknown." (p51)

"..five years after his arrival.. the services that he had rendered to the region were so brilliant.. that the king appointed him mayor of the city. He refused.. but all insisted so strongly that at last he yielded." (p52)

4. Jean Valjean saves Fauchelevant, Fantine, and Cosette.

"..the cart was sinking deeper every moment, and pressing more and more on the breast of the old carman.. the enormous mass started, the cart rose slowly..the cart was lifted by twenty arms. Old Fauchelevant was safe." (p58)

"Luckily the door of Monsieur Madeleine's factory was like the face of a friend.. she was admitted into the workshop for women.. the problem was solved; she was earning her living." (p59)

""Inspector Javert, set this woman at liberty." "..now I will pay your debts, I will have your child come to you."" (p75-76)

"The iron handle was numbing and freezing her little wet hands.. every time she stopped, the cold water that splashed from the bucket fell upon her naked knees. This took place in the depth of a wood, at night, in the winter...she felt all at once that the weight of the bucket was gone." (p156-157)
""Suppose you were relieved of her?" "Who? Cosette?" "Yes." ... "Agreed." " (p174)
5. Jean Valjean "protects" Cosette by not allowing her to see Marius.
6. Jean Valjean wants Marius to die at war because he is afriad that Marius will take Cosette from him.
7. Jean Valjean saves Marius and Javert at war, despite what they have done or what they are capable of .
8. Jean Valjean dies with the redemption he always wanted and satisfaction of what he wanted.
Jean Valjean
Thesis: Self redemption is the act of being redeemed. The process of redemption makes a person feel better about them self and leads to a happier life. Self redemption is demonstrated throughout Les Miserables by characters such as Jean Valjean, Eponine, and Javert. Valjean, the main character that demonstrates the theme, is set on the path to redemption through the loving compassion of a priest, and later finds reward in behaving with love for humankind.
Theme: Self redemption is the effect of a good character doing bad and compensating for it.
Topic: Self redemption
"Jean Valjean saw only these words: '...I die... When you read this, my soul will be near you' ... He had before his eyes that splendor, the death of the hated being. He uttered a hideous cry of inward joy. 'That man cannot escape. If he is not dead yet, it is certain that he will die. What happiness!' " (p448-490)
"Jean Valjean cut the martingale which Javert had about his neck, then he cut the ropes which he had on his wrists, then, stooping down, he cut the cord which he had on his feet, and rising, he said to him: 'You are free.' " (p517)

"When a shot struck down Marius, Jean Valjean bounded with the agility of a tiger, dropped upon him as a prey, and carried him away." (p528)

" 'Take me. Only grant me one thing. Dispose of me as you please; but help me first to carry this man home.' " (p544-545)
" 'You came to accuse this man, you have justified him; you wanted to destroy him, you have succeeded in only glorifying him.' " (p609)
By: Blaire Bourgeois, Lexi Hudson, and Megan Mai
"Monsieur Lablanc had left their accustomed place, and had taken the seat at the other end of the walk, as if to see whether Marius would follow them... he had followed them home... the father became less punctual and did not bring his daughter everyday... Monsieur Lablanc passed his daughter in, and then stopped... turned and looked steadily at Marius... day after that they did not come... '
Marius knocked at the porte-cochere: 'The gentleman on the third floor?'
'Moved,' answered the porter." (p366)

"He was found guilty... Jean Valjean was sentenced to five years in the galleys... (which led to) nineteen years." (p21-22)

"The traveler..with his wretched.. tattered appearance.. turned his steps toward this inn.."
""What will monsieur have?" "Something to eat and lodging." (p7-8

Thank for Watching!
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