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The Illuminati

No description

Gamada Ali

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of The Illuminati

The Illuminati New world Order Origin Gamada AlI The word Illuminati means spiritually enlightened. The Illuminati believe once someone has gained a sufficient amount of knowledge they reach the status of God. Therefore you must be a very influential and powerful person to join. They also adopted the sign of Horus from the Egyptians as their symbol . You can find the eye of Horus in multiple places such as television and even on the American dollar bill. Over years the Illuminati had many intellectual and political leaders from Europe join the club. People such as Ferdinand of Brunswick, Johann Wolfgang Goethe and Mayer Rothschild. In 1777 the Bavarian government discovered information on the Illuminati and they were banned from meeting with each other. The original documents of the Illuminati such as the manifesto are displayed in the british national museum so we no the that they exist. But the real question is Are they still trying to create a one world government today with the help of groups such as the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, and Skull and Bones. Who Are they ? Many members of secret organizations consist of many of the top elite such as international bankers and politicians of our society. The Illuminati was formed by a man named Adam Weishaupt in 1776 in Germany. He created a blue print for the group that outlined their goal which was to establish a one world government. His other goals were to ban religion, right to own property, and nationalism. Names of some of the Illuminati members are the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, and the Morgan's. The most important name may be the Rockefeller family which controls many of the Oil companies and the majority of the banks including the federal reserve. They also own Exxon which is the largest company in the world. The estimated Net worth of the the Rothschild is five hundred trillion dollars. Other known members of the Illuminati are the royal families of Europe, such as the Queen of England. Some of the Thirteen bloodlines of the Illuminati include the Astor, Bundy, McDonalds, and Disney families. From the food we eat to the television children watch the Illuminati are all behind it all. Illuminati members have one thing in common which is that they can all trace their bloodlines thousands of years back. This is done by interbreeding with family members to keep their bloodlines pure. New World Order How do they Control The Illuminati Believe if they have total power over six sections of society they will control the world. The six areas they control are media, religious, Political, military and education and financial institutions Mayer Rothschild once said " Give me control of a nations money and I care not who writes the laws"
1) Remove the president and Vice president
2) Federal gun laws be taken away
4) To create a new Currency On August 1972, Philippe Rothschild sent documents to a meeting of the council of the 13. The document read Media The media is one of the greatest tools the Global elite use to brainwash the general public. Is it coincidence that plans set in the 70's are coming to action in the 21st century? Definitely not. If you look at any of the speeches of the presidents in our times they continuously talk about a " New world order". Why would presidents follow the the ideas of wealthy people such as the Rothschild's. Also just recently the push to ban all Guns because of the Sandy hook shooting or is that what the main stream news tells us . Every day we watch the news and hear the radio
and our ideas and thoughts on things are shaped. The Global elite are the ones that control all the mainstream media and music and they decide what gets shown on television, printed etc. So that means we are not getting the complete truth from even the news because of the propaganda they feed us . When the head of the media attend the same meetings as the trilateral group, council on foreign relations etc we realize that the media is being told what to present to the public. For instance 9-11 was covered by all the mainstream news channels and people were told that terrorist attacked the United states. But on the other hand we aren't told that Osama bin laden actually met with CIA members multiple times one of those dates being just months before 9-11. If they have arrested him there would have never been any need for war on terror. The music that teenagers listen to promotes drugs and a loss of compassion for others. People like Jay Z and kesha clearly promote satanism in their videos. Kesha's "die young" video is filled with Illuminati symbolism. Financial System At of all the methods the wealthy use to control the world, the most important part of control is most assuredly the power over all major financial institutions. All the borrowing and debt people are in is in the favor of the Elite. The banks of the world, insurance companies and even small banks are affected and our under control of major banks which are privately owned. Many people do not know that the united states does not print its own money but instead they borrow money from the federal reserve which is privately owned. So what does a privately owned banking system equal to? It equals to countries going into debt causing recession. The reason for this is because the government continuously goes and borrows money from these private banks and they are charged with enormous amounts of interest. When we really look at how money is created it becomes clear that the banking industry is a supporting pillar of the New World Order. The elite use this to their advantage and our able to control Politician and governments of countries. People like J.P Morgan have monopolized the industry into their playing field where they have the opportunity to fund their agenda towards building a One world government. The New World Order agenda has been developed thought out the years by top elites. In a speech given by George bush S.R on September 11, 1991 he talks about how this period of trouble would be a perfect opportunity for the new world order to emerge Many of you guys have heard of the new world order but how many of you guys know about the negative and positive changes they would make to the world. The term New World order has been used by politicians over different periods of time. The New world order is the plot to regulate world currency and banking through one source and to have a totalitarian world government. RFID Chip, One Currency, Less Privacy At the back of the American dollar bill you can also find the New World Order written in Latin The monitoring and controlling of people is essential in the New World. One way the government plans to achieve this is through the implantation of the RFID chip. The RFID chip will be able to be used as wallet were all your financial information, health information is kept inside your body. On top of all this the Government will have 24 hour surveillance on your location. Easier access to important information
The Government has more surveillance on criminals Some of the positive things about the chip Some of the negative things about the chip Invasion of privacy
You are controlled and you have no freedom
RFID tags can be linked to your credit card The NWO agenda also plans on the creation of a one world currency. In 2009 at the G20 summit world governments decided on the replacement of the American dollar for the amero. The idea of a single currency is definitely a bad idea. For Example If we look at the financial situation in Greece you would know that there problems are caused because of european international currency. The currency is priced to high while for other countries it is priced to low because of this they are able to export more while other countries go bankrupt. If a single country could be affected by a continental currency imagine what could happen to the world when a World currency is established. Or have groups such as the Bilderbergs and the banking industry used the same methods of control of the original Illuminati .
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